Powerstep Insoles Provide Outstanding Comfort & Relief.

Monday, 15 September 2014  |  Paul

80% of adults experience foot pain but with Powerstep Insoles you can relieve this pain and start enjoying life again. Powerstep insoles go beyond mere “foot comfort,” it is a unique foot support which can relieve pain and even stop it from developing.

Powerstep insoles are ideal for stopping pain and discomfort from heel and arch pain as the powerstep offers a special mix of foot control, spring and life-long cushioning. Powersteps come in various forms:

What Makes Powerstep Insoles So Special?

Powerstep insoles have been designed by Dr Les Appel, USA Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Les Appel is a professional podiatrist with over 35 years of experience and has designed the entire line of Powerstep products, including the powerstep pinnacle, the powerstep pinnacle maxx, the powerstep original and the powerstep slim. Dr Les Appel has designed the product is such a way as to stop undue inward rolling motion of the feet. This eliminates almost all pain across the entire foot. 

Unsupported feet have a tendancy to roll inwards. This causes the arches to flatten, which stretches the tissue and bones therefore misalign. This can be compared to feet with Powerstep insoles. With Powerstep feet are comfortable, supported and bones are free to correctly align which prevents pain and discomfort. When the bones are correctly aligned, body posture can be improved, reducing pelvic tilt and internal rotation of the leg.  It is clear to see that feet with Powerstep have an advantage over feet without Powerstep.

Why Does Powerstep Work So Well?

Powerstep insoles work so well because of an ingenious 4 step system.

  • The special antibacterial fabric top cover reduces friction which prevents slipping and fights perspiration
  • The superior heel cradle stabilises and protects the heel during landing
  • The shell of the power step insole gives effective support and offers tractability for more comfort 
  • The powerstep insoles also have exceptional double-layered cushion casings across the whole platform

When you put these four features together you are left with a superior product which relieves pain and offers unrivalled comfort and support for feet. The Powerstep can also keep feet drier, combat foot odour and provide life-long cushioning.

What Are Customers Saying About Powerstep?

Excellent product and service! Gaia

Although warned there may be some discomfort at first till I became used to the power step insole, I found them comfortable from the start and very easy to use and get on with. The product is that good I will be ordering some for the wife as well. Ken

Excellent insoles, good support, very quick delivery. Wei

Great help and service from staff. The insoles helped ease the pain of a mortons neuroma. Gina


Where To Buy Powerstep

I am sure by now you have realised that feet with Powerstep are much more comfortably supported; Powerstep Insoles are strong and offer medical-grade support. They can be found here: