Power Balance Bracelets Featured on Soccer AM

Saturday, 14 August 2010  |  Paul

Power Balance Bracelets Featured On Soccer AM

Power Balance Bracelets are worn by athletes and sports stars from across the globe but they have now been given the Soccer AM seal of approval. Featured on the first Soccer AM of the season, the Power Balance bands received some great attention on the show confirming that Power Balance Bracelets are going to be a must-have during the premier league season.

Christiano Ronaldo has already been seen wearing one, and you may have noticed most of the World Cup Winning Spanish Team wearing Power Balance Bracelets. It’s almost a certainty that we will see stars in the Premiership trusting in Power Balance to improve their strength, balance and flexibility.

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Power Balance sports bracelets are not only set to be a football sensation. Power Balance Bracelets have conquered the rest of Europe and are now quickly sweeping the nation. They can be seen on world class golfers including Ian Poulter and Andrew Colltard. Athletes including Mark Lewis Francis and Christian Malcolm were also seen sporting a Power Balance during their medal winning success at the recent European Athletics Championships in Barcelona.

F1 fans may have also noticed Eddie Jordan and Rubens Barrichello flashing their Power Balance Bracelets on the BBC’s Formula One coverage. NBA stars are converts to the benefits of Power Balance.

Power Balance Bracelets look great. Available in black, white, clear, pink, red, yellow and blue, there are plenty of colours to choose from. There is even a neoprene version and a Power Balance pendant that looks great.

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