Planning a long journey this Christmas? Get comfy!

Thursday, 13 December 2012  |  Paul

The last time I went on a long haul flight I was five years old, on my way to Disneyland Florida. I don’t remember the flight, apart from eating all the travel sweets and a vague memory of not being able to get my shoes on at the end of it. I doubt it bothered me though, I was probably running around the airport barefoot looking for Mickey Mouse.

This Christmas I’m hugely excited to be heading to Cuba. However sadly, having grown up to be an obsessive planner, I have spent months thinking about my comfort on the 10 hour flight rather than what I’m going to say to Chip N Dale.

First up, how to stop the dreaded swollen feet syndrome. Flight socks are the obvious choice to help, but if you’re restless like me and end up pacing the aisle trying to get moving then you may also want to invest in the Airogym Portable DVT Exercise Cushion. The Airogym is a pocket-sized inflatable exercise cushion that is designed to increase blood flow through the veins in the legs by providing a resistance-based exercise to perform whilst seated, reducing both swelling in the lower legs and the chance of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis. It is endorsed by world-leading consultant vascular surgeon John Scurr and has previously won a ’Sunday Telegraph Best Travel Product Award’ with a 5-star rating.

Next up, how to make your seat as comfortable as it can be. If you find aeroplane seats never give enough support and you spend the flight shuffling around trying to get comfortable before disembarking with backache then you need to get The Original McKenzie Airback Lumbar Roll. Like the rest of the range of renowned Original McKenzie Lumbar Rolls, this inflatable cushion provides lumbar support to improve your posture and reduce back pain, whilst deflating into a pocket-sized pouch that’s perfect for travelling.

Finally, how to sleep! I hate wasting time on holiday so am determined to get a good nap in on the plane and arrive at my destination refreshed. If you’re the same, get yourself a Inflatable Travel Pillow, to support your head and neck and a some Snore Calm Elite Ear Plugs to block out noisy cabin announcements about Duty Free. Combine these with the blanket you can get from the cabin crew and you’ll be nodding off in no time!

All the products mentioned are ideal for making long haul flights more comfortable, but are also perfect for the long car, train or coach journeys that many of you will be taking this Christmas. No one enjoys an uncomfortable trip so get shopping and get comfy!