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Pflexx: The Knee Support with a Difference

Friday, 16 October 2015  |  Paul

The Pflexx Knee Exerciser is an outlier among knee braces and supports – while most knee supports are designed to just support the knee, the Pflexx is designed to actually strengthen the joint. Conventional supports will hold the knee in place to prevent injuries caused by excess movement and may support specific parts of the knee such as the patella, ligaments or tendons and the Pflexx does all of this. However the Pflexx also helps to strengthen the muscles and the ligaments around the knee to improve power, strength and performance.

How Does the Pflexx Knee Exerciser Work?

The Pflexx Knee Exerciser uses cutting-edge technology to provide resistance and compression as well as regulating temperature for more comfortable use. The patented Pflexx Bio-Mechanical Resistance Technology has been designed to stimulate muscle activation in the key areas of the knee to facilitate muscle growth and recovery. A mechanism features on either side of the knee to offer resistance when moving, with muscle activation increased by up to 30% when walking and 400% when running. The level of resistance increases depending on the amount of effort you apply, so you will never be forced to overwork the knee prematurely but at the same time will be constantly strengthening and rebuilding the muscles surrounding your knee.

The knee exerciser also uses Pflexx Kinetic Kompression to provide support whilst actively stimulating blood flow and assisting lymphatic fluid dispersion. This material differs from traditional compression garments as it limits overstretching of the muscles while allowing a free range of movement. This places more emphasis on the muscles to encourage muscle growth and the correct alignment of joints. The high level of compression also disperses build-up of lactic acid, decreasing recovery time and helping to prevent cramps when exercising.

Temperature of the Pflexx is regulated through ADVANSA Thermo Cool Duoregulation Fibre Technology. This uses smart fibre cross-sections to boost to the body’s natural thermal capabilities and maintain a temperature within the ‘comfort zone’. Put simply, in warm conditions the knee exerciser will keep you cool and in cold conditions it will keep you warm.

See All The Variations of Our Pflexx

Who Can Use the Pflexx Knee Exerciser?

The Pflexx Knee Exerciser is suitable for all shapes and sizes. Levels of resistance range from 1 - 4 and are designed for different age groups and athletic abilities, so you can choose the right Pflexx for your needs. A breakdown of the resistance levels is below:

  • R1 Light – For children and the elderly
  • R2 Medium – For physiotherapy, general sports and fitness
  • R3 Heavy – For elite sports performance
  • R4 Extra Heavy – For heavy resistance training

If you are unsure which to choose, have a look at this instructional video for some advice.

What Are the Benefits of the Pflexx?

Every time you use the Pflexx Knee Exerciser you will become fitter and faster. The knee exerciser targets major muscles in the leg to build a stronger and more durable knee joint. The flexor and extensor muscles either side of the knee are the main targets, so the Pflexx is particularly useful for strengthening the knee in pre-surgery and rehabilitating the knee in post surgery. Equally, for sufferers of arthritis and those returning to exercise after a break, the Pflexx offers gentle resistance without the risk of over-working delicate muscles.

However, it is not just weakened and damaged knees that can benefit. The resistance offered by the Pflexx Knee Exerciser increases depending on the force applied, so strength trainers or endurance athletes can push themselves even further just by wearing the knee support during their training. The beauty of the Pflexx is that it is adaptable and works at your own pace. The harder you work, the harder the Pflexx works, so the targets that you set will soon be met and exceeded.

The Pflexx Knee Exerciser has been designed with our busy lives in mind. We all need to multi-task from time-to-time and now you can do the same with your injury rehabilitation as well without cutting any corners. Check out the full range of colours, sizes and resistances of the Pflexx Knee Exercisers.