Pflexx Knee Exerciser - More Than Just A Knee Brace

Thursday, 21 August 2014  |  James

Do you struggle to maintain and consistently build strength in your knees and surrounding muscles? Fortunately Health and now have a product that can help solve this problem.

The Pflexx Knee Exerciser is a new and innovative product that is designed to build strength around the knee. The innovative design of the Pflexx Knee Exerciser allows the user to build strength in their knee whilst wearing the product, allowing the user to exercise and rehabilitate their knee in a convenient and unobtrusive manner. This is achieved by using the patented bio-mechanical resistance technology fitted to either side of the knee joint which works naturally against natural movement to strengthen adjacent muscles in the quadriceps, calf and hamstrings.

In addition to this the Pflexx Knee Exerciser can also be worn at any time during the day which gives an extra dimension to the user’s recovery and training regime.

The Pflexx Knee Exerciser also comes in a range of four different resistance levels. This caters for the different levels of strength that people may have in their knee, whilst allowing the user to purchase the level of resistance that is most suitable for their current training program.

Guide to the Resistance levels of the Pflexx Knee Exerciser:

  1. R1 Light - For children and elderly.
  2. R2 Medium - For physiotherapy, general sports and fitness.
  3. R3 Heavy - For elite sports performance.
  4. R4 Extra Heavy - For heavy resistance training.

The Pflexx Knee Exerciser also includes ADVANSA Thermo Cool material. This state of the art material will keep you warm when cold and cool when warm.

As with all injuries Health and would recommend seeking professional medical advice before purchasing and using an item such as the Pflexx Knee Exerciser.