Pain In the Neck?

Wednesday, 1 April 2015  |  Sophie

The saying ‘pain in the neck’ is a common expression used to describe a person’s source of irritation or annoyance. Neck pain is also a common problem suffered by many and the discomfort caused by a stiff neck can literally be a ‘pain in the neck’.  Although rarely a sign of something more serious, the ache caused by neck pain can affect a person’s wellbeing. Causes of neck pain include; sitting in front of your computer for too long, sleeping in an awkward position or poor posture. Increased tension in your neck, caused by anxiety or stress, can also lead to neck pain. Here at Health and we have a number of products to help ease that pain in your neck - read on to find out more!

Beurer EMS Neck Pad

The Beurer EMS Neck Pad is a neck and back massager that uses electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) to soothe stiff joints, muscle aches and strains. The Beurer EMS Neck Pad is a self-adhesive pad which requires no fussy wires or fiddly remote controls. With 15 levels of intensity to choose from, you can adjust the Beurer Neck Pad to an intensity that will help you relieve any pain or stiffness. Each treatment lasts 20 minutes and provides the user with a comforting and targeted massage by using EMS to stimulate the muscles in the neck and shoulder area through the gel pads. The Beurer EMS Neck Pad automatically switches off after each session; therefore you can relax with the Beurer Neck Pad with the greatest peace of mind.

Harley Designer Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Introducing the Harley Designer Memory Foam Neck Pillow, a leading professional orthopaedic pillow that delivers in comfort and neck support. The Harley Designer Neck Pillow is moulded from visco elastic memory foam, which takes the weight and pressure from the user, and ensures that it is distributed evenly to ease tension and pain. The Neck Pillow is specially designed with a rounded, raised neck support to cradle the user’s neck whilst sleeping and to ensure that the spine is correctly aligned. With its unique contoured design, the Harley Designer Memory Foam Neck Pillow provides the user with the ultimate neck and shoulder support. The Harley Memory Foam Neck Pillow is suitable for users who sleep on their side or back and is available in the following sizes; Standard, Plus, Lo-Line, Lo-Line Plus and Travel Pillow. Find out which Harley Designer Memory Foam Neck Pillow is suitable for you at!

Neck Wheat Relief Pack

When neck pain strikes, some prefer something warm and soothing to provide relief whereas, others prefer something cold and cooling. With the Neck Wheat Relief Pack, you can get the best of both worlds! The Neck Wheat Relief Pack has been designed to provide the user with either hot or cold therapy to ease neck ache and pains. To use the Neck Wheat Relief Pack for hot therapy, simply heat the wheat bag in the microwave on full power for 1-2 minutes. Once the Wheat Relief Pack has been heated to a suitable temperature; simply remove from the microwave and use instantly for quick and hassle-free relief. To use the wheat bag for cooling cold therapy, insert the Neck Wheat Relief Pack into the plastic bag provided and leave it in the freezer for a minimum of 30 minutes. Once half an hour has passed, remove the Wheat Relief Pack from the freezer and drape over your neck for immediate pain relief from neck ache. The Neck Wheat Relief Pack has a durable corduroy cover that can be removed to be washed.

If you are interested in any of these products and want to ease that pain in your neck, you can find them on with fast and free UK delivery!