Oval 8 Finger Splint

Friday, 16 May 2014  |  Paul

Purchasing items online is inherently difficult when it comes to getting the size right and I’m sure everybody has had the experience at some point, wondering anxiously ‘will it fit’.. And this issue is magnified when the sizes get smaller and more precise – a.k.a with finger splints! The Oval – 8 Finger Splint is our most popular finger joint immobilising splint, therefore here is a guide on how to negate any inconvenience.

- Firstly, it’s crucial to ensure measuring is done properly. With a finger it can be tricky to get that tape measure to go round perfectly! So we advise using a length of string, marking it ensuring it’s as tight as you would like the splint to be, and then measuring the length to compare against our sizing table.

- What’s also crucial is that the correct part of the finger is measured! Surprising, but very often we hear people measuring at an incorrect point on the finger - so it is essential that the joint you wish to immobilise is where you are measuring, simply around the joint!

- Lastly, while measuring correctly goes a long way, it can never be totally sure to fit first time as everyone is different. So to counter this, we offer a triple pack of Oval 8 finger splints that enables you to choose one either side of the measurement you have taken so you will almost certainly get what you need first time!

Since we offer easy returns, you can simply return those that don’t fit.