Out in the garden..

Tuesday, 2 July 2013  | 

Out in the garden..

The weather seems to be a touch more settled at the moment which means you have no excuses for not getting the garden whipped into shape.

This is much easier said than done if you are infirm or disabled.

Luckily we have some great items on our website which we make this relaxing task much easier for you.

The Easy Grip Garden Tool Cultivator is specially designed to take the strain out of gardening, as it keeps your wrist and arm in its natural position. It looks very similar to a crutch and provides excellent reach for a keen gardener who is unable to bend too far or spend any length of time on their knees.

Another great item is the Garden Stool on Wheels which is ideal for moving along the edges of your flowerbeds. It also has a really handy storage tray underneath for tools or plant

Have a browse at the Garden section for other great ideas.


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