Orthosole Insoles

Wednesday, 29 January 2014  |  Paul

The Orthosole Insoles are some of the most uniquely designed out there and are fantastic to provide customised support wherever you need it most.

The Orthsole Insoles address the problem of regular insoles with fixed densities and firmness throughout. If you have ever used an insole before this may be a familiar issue – you love the heel cushioning they provide but the arches aren’t half firm!

With the Orthosole, the firmness of the arch area as well as the metatarsal area is firmly under your control. The Orthosole Insoles have specially moulded soles incorporating not only heel cushioning but the Velcro pads that enable you to very easily remove one wedge and add a different one in no time at all.

This means you are able to select the best combination of densities for you at any given time making the Orthosoles perfect for gradual rehabilitation requiring incrementally firmer support.

Included with the Orthsole Insole is a pack of wedges for both the arch and metatarsal area and ranging in firmness from soft – hard, letting you alter and adjust to get it just right for you!

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