Oppo Magnetic Air Insoles

Friday, 28 November 2014  |  Paul

A new range has just been added to our website. Oppo are part of the UK’s largest sports supports supplier and have over 15 years of industry expertise! Meaning if you purchase an Oppo product you can be guaranteed quality, support and comfort, exactly what you would expect from the number one brand in the UK!

Their focus is on supports that provide you with the support and comfort you need when you have suffered an injury, sprain or strain. There’s nothing worse than incurring an injury which then results in day to day tasks becoming difficult and uncomfortable.  Oppo products are designed to help take the stress of an injury or sprain away, meaning you can go about your day feeling a little more like yourself again, still doing the sporting activities you love!

A personal favourite from the range is the Oppo Magnetic Air Insoles. There are often a lot of products that are dubbed as the amazing new thing in the world of health care, so if your slightly dubious as to why you should purchase the Oppo Magnetic Air Insoles, let me give you a little more information!

The Oppo Magnetic Air Insoles are the perfect choice if you are on your feet all day, maybe in a fast paced environment? And you need that extra comfort and support to keep you going through the day. So here’s how they work; the magnets stimulate the nerve endings of the soles, massaging the feet whilst improving blood circulation – sound good? It doesn’t stop there! The Oppo Magnetic Air Insoles have excellent durability and shock absorption which greatly reduces foot pain and lower body fatigue. The insoles also keep your feet cool and dry with breathable foam, perfect right?

So why not try them for yourself? Follow the link below to purchase The Oppo Magnetic Air Insoles today!


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