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One Product For All Your Sports Massage Needs

Tuesday, 24 September 2013  |  Paul

The Triggerpoint Total Body Package is a comprehensive kit including everything you need to perform a full body sports self-massage at home. The kit combines tools for education about your body and muscles and the products you need to perform your own self-massage. This kit includes the footballer and baller block, 2 x TP massage balls, quadballer, TP2 ball sock, total body 2 disc set and the total body book all in a neat net storage bag. 

The package has been designed to teach you how to perfectyour own Myofascial Compression Technique along 12 key areas of the entire bodystarting with the lower leg with the Footballer & Baller Block. The blockis used to elevate the foot and lower leg to allow the foot to relax you theuse the footballer to massage the muscles in your calf. You can then move up tothe lower leg with the TP Massage Balls providing symptomatic relief of achesand pains. The Quadballer is then utilises your body's weight to apply pressureto the glutes, quads and IT Band (can also be used on other parts of the body).The TP2 Ball is a knitted sleeve which houses the two TP Massage Balls in apeanut shape making an ideal tool to reach either side of the spine and upperback with a controlled and even movement.

To educate and inform yourself the set includes a Total Body2 Disc Set providing comprehensive education guided by Cassidy Phillips to helpyou understand how to perform the Myofascial Compression Techniques. The TotalBody Book also serves as a visual reminder and work-along guide to help youperform the programme every day

The Triggerpoint Total Body Package is available for £114.99 with free delivery. The package is a great time and money saving investment allowing you to perform sports massage at home fitting in with your own schedule without the need for costly or timely physiotherapy appointments.