No Sweat!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013  |  Paul

Whilst we welcome the long awaited sunshine we’ve been having recently, let’s not forget that we are British, and love to moan aboutthe weather, be it hot or cold.  Themoment the sun pops out of the clouds to say hello we’re all out in the gardenor park trying to soak up our much needed Vitamin D.  But with sun bathing comes overheating andsweating and sometimes it can leave dark sweat patches which, let’s face it,can be a little embarrassing.   Even inthe winter, though, sweating can be a problem. Wrapping up warm for the coldweather, but then go onto a hot train and you can’t help but sweat.  Sometimes this can become a problem and makepeople uncomfortable on a daily basis. Luckily, Health and Care can help.

The Perspi Guard range is designed to help with problemodour and sweating.  All of the Perspiproducts work on the same basis but each offer a unique purpose.  Whether it’s Perspi-Sensitive for thesensitive skinned amongst us, or Perspi-Rock for those who want to know they’reusing an all-natural product, there is something for everyone.  Each anti-perspirant comes in a small bottleor roll-on and so can be taken on the go, although this is rarely necessary asthe Perspi Range is designed to prevent you sweating for up to 5 days! Theyeven have your clothes covered with the Perspi Shield Ultra Disposable Pads,designed to protect your clothes from sweat patches, which can causediscolouration over time. 

The Perspi-Guard Range will last you up to 6 months, whichis great value for money compared to the other, less effective,anti-perspirants out there.  So if withthe hot sun, comes anxiety about excessive sweating, try the Perspi Guard rangeand enjoy your summer.