No more deafening TV volume – The Geemarc Wireless TV Listener is here

3 CommentsThursday, 15 November 2012  |  Naomi

My family and I visited my grandma this weekend and after a delicious Sunday lunch we all settled in to watch Downton Abbey. With its beautiful costumes and endearing characters, Downton Abbey is British television at its best and a favourite of my grandmas. As usual, we were prepared for grandma to shout at the TV. Grandma getting angry at Lady’s Maid Miss O’Brian (as I do, but I don’t shout) is expected and hilarious, even grandma laughs at herself eventually. What we hadn't been prepared for however was the deafening booming voice of butler Carson blaring out of the TV, rattling our ear drums and nearly giving my dad a heart attack.

As we all looked at each other in disbelief, my dad searching for the remote control to put an end to the thunderous noise, my grandma sat there with her cup of tea as if nothing was wrong. Remote control found and volume lowered, slightly, we all sat there trying to watch the television at a volume that was ideal for all of us. I have a feeling that my family is not the only one to have experienced a situation like this and with Christmas fast approaching, families across the country will all be sitting down together to watch TV. There is no doubt that the volume of the television will be the subject of a family quarrel on Christmas day.

Thankfully, there is help at hand in the form of the Geemarc Wireless TV Listener. This lightweight headset has been designed for anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing and enables them to listen to the TV whilst others can still listen at a regular volume. The Geemarc Wireless Television Listener provides flawless CD sound quality and can be worn all around the house. So even I you nip out to make a cup of tea, you won’t miss what is happening on Downton Abbey, or any other programme you watch. Supplied with two rechargeable batteries, the Wireless TV Listener provides up to 4 hours of continuous listening time while the second battery is charging on the base unit ready to use.

Suitable for people with varying levels of hearing loss, the Geemarc Wireless TV Listener can be adjusted in volume up to a maximum of 125db, that’s 12 to 15 times louder than a standard telephone receiver. The headset is light and comes with a chin rest making it incredibly comfortable, perfect for watching a film or a day’s worth of Christmas television.

Above all, the best feature of the Geemarc Wireless TV Listener is that everybody is happy and watching the TV together as a family, at a volume to suit everyone.