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Nicolites Are Changing Their Name to Nicocig

28 CommentsTuesday, 11 October 2016  |  Alex

Anyone that uses an e-cigarette knows how important it is to have the right brand. If you have been using Nicolites Electronic Cigarettes in the past and you know their great taste and high quality, why would you ever need to try a different brand? Due to recent changes in legislation regarding the branding and selling of electronic cigarettes, Nicolites are changing their name to Nicocig.

What does this mean for you? Not a lot, really. Instead of using the Nicolites cartomisers and electronic cigarettes that you know and love, you'll now have the same high quality just with a different name! The new Nicocig products will have:

       Great tobacco, menthol and fruit taste
       The same great great value
       The same quick delivery
       Compatibility with your existing Nicolites batteries and chargers

Why Are Nicolites Changing to Nicocig?

You may ask yourself: "What's happened to Nicolites?" or "Why have Nicolites changed their name to Nicocig?". The answer to these questions is that new e-cigarette legislation (known as the Tobacco Products Directive or TPD) has meant that a number of e-cig brands have had to slightly alter their branding to be in line with the new regulations.

What Will the Change Mean for My Nicolites E-Cigarettes?

Once the change has been made from Nicolites to Nicocig, you might worry about what is going to change. The answer is not a lot really! Apart from cosmetic differences, such as the packaging of your e-cigarettes and cartridges, there are going to be very few practical changes to your vaping. The new Nicocig cartomisers will be compatible with your existing Nicolites batteries and new Nicocig batteries are also compatible with the old Nicolites chargers. It's simple really!

There have been a few slight tweaks to the range, designed to ensure that you're having the best vaping experience possible:

  • The Cherry flavour of Nicolites is being replaced with a re-vitalised Berry flavour of Nicocig, providing a more refreshing fruit flavour
  • All flavours of refill will no longer be available in "Zero Strength" versions
  • The formerly disposable products will be replaced with new rechargeable versions, improving their environmental footprint
  • All products will feature boxed packaging and will feature a health warning

Top Tip

Many of users of the old Nicolites products have reported to us that the Nicocig Medium Strength Tobacco Cartomisers provide a similar taste to the Nicolites High Strength Tobacco Cartomisers. If you find that the new Nicocig High Cartomisers are too strong tasting, you should try the Medium Strength instead.


The Newly Available Nicocig Products

To help you find the e-cigarettes that you know and love, please view our list of new Nicocig versions of Nicolites products that we have available for purchase:

Refill Cartridges

Starter Kits


  • Nicocig Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Spare Battery Blue LED Tip
  • Nicocig Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Spare Battery Green LED Tip
  • Nicocig Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Spare Battery Orange LED Tip


  • Nicocig USB Mains Adaptor Charger
  • Nicocig Deluxe Car Charger Kit
  • Nicocig Deluxe Charging Kit
  • Nicocig Mega Charging Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're still confused about what's happening to your favourite electronic cigarette, our handy FAQ below should answer your questions:

Why Can't I Buy My Old Nicocig Cartridges Anymore?

In changing to Nicocig, the Nicolites range has superseded the original Nicocig range. Unfortunately, this means that the original Nicocig flavours and accessories are only available as stocks last.

Can I Use Old Nicocig Cartridges with New Nicocig Hardware?

Unfortunately, the New Nicocig range's technology is based on Nicolites which renders it incompatible with the original Nicocig Range.

Can I Use Old Nicolites Cartridges with New Nicocig Hardware?

Because the new Nicocig range is based on the original Nicolites hardware, new Nicocig hardware can be used with old Nicolites cartridges, and new Nicocig cartridges will work with old Nicolites hardware.

Can I Charge New Nicocig Batteries with Old Nicolites Chargers?

As the technology used by Nicolites is incompatible with Nicocig, and the new Nicocig hardware is based on Nicolites, the new Nicocig batteries cannot be charged by the original Nicocig chargers. Additionally, the old Nicocig batteries can't be charged by new Nicocig chargers.

Can I Charge New Nicocig Batteries with Nicolites Chargers?

Both old Nicolites and new Nicocig batteries use the same internals and the same technology, meaning that you can charge one with the other.

What Happened to Cherry Nicolites?

The cherry Nicolites flavour has been replaced by Berry Nicocig. The flavour hasn't been touched – you'll still get the same fruity taste, just with a new name.

Why Has Nicolites Packaging Changed?

Alongside the brand change, the new Nicocig range also features a slight packaging change. All items which include a cartridge will now feature a health warning on the front, and the old blister packs and loose packaging have been replaced by boxed packaging.

What Happened to Zero Strength Nicolites?

As a part of their rebranding, Nicocig have unfortunately decided to eliminate the 0mg (zero nicotine) strength option from all their flavours.