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Nicocig Ruyan Plus – Brand New Electronic Cigarette from Health and Care

Thursday, 26 November 2009  |  Paul

The Nicocig Ruyan Plus electronic cigarette is the new and improved version of original Nicocig electronic cigarette. Nicocig are the market leaders in electronic cigarette technology and have had great success with the original Nicocig Starter Kit, Nicocig Ruyan Jazz disposable electronic cigarette and the Nicocig Ruyan Electronic Cigar.

The Nicocig Ruyan Plus electronic cigarette has been fitted with a new, more compact atomiser providing more space to extend the battery and  to make it last longer. The new battery of the Nicocig Ruyan Plus electric cigarette has been fitted with extra air holes and also the vapour of this e-cig has been made thinner providing the user with an even smoother electronic cigarette smoking experience.

Another improvement of the Ruyan Nicocig Plus E cigarette is that the refill cartridges have been made smaller, but packed even tighter with nicotine to make each Nicocig Ruyan Plus electronic cigarette cartridge last the equivalent of 15 regular cigarettes. The Nicocig Plus+ electronic cigarette aims to satisfy every smoker with a new and improved taste designed to suit the UK market. In addition responding to popular demand, the mouth piece texture of the Nicocig Ruyan Plus electronic cigarette has been made to feel more like a traditional cigarette.

Nicocig electronic cigarettes have been a huge success in giving people an alternative to normal cigarettes and the Nicocig Ruyan Plus is no exception. Not only is the Nicocig Ruyan Plus electronic cigarette free from harmful tobacco it is also a lot more economical to use than regular cigarettes. The Nicocig Plus Ruyan electronic cigarette is a healthier alternative to smoking but it still contains nicotine. So users are able to enjoy the feeling that nicotine gives them without inhaling the carcinogenic toxins that are found in burning tobacco.

The Nicocig Plus Ruyan electronic cigarette may also help a smoker to gradually give up smoking, but of course will power is always required when trying to quit smoking. As the Nicocig Plus Ruyan refill cartridges comes in three different nicotine strengths, the smoker can choose to gradually decrease their nicotine intake. Nicocig Ruyan Plus refill cartridges come in high = 12mg nicotine, medium = 8mg nicotine, low = 4mg nicotine and zero which contains no nicotine.

The Nicocig Ruyan Plus e cigarette starter kit is available to purchase from Health and Care for only £39.95. In the Nicocig Ruyan Plus Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit you will get an electronic cigarette, spare battery, mains charger, velvet carry case, and four refill cartridges in all four strengths.

by Phoebe Carter