NEW Runner’s Remedy!

Monday, 22 December 2014  |  Paul

There’s a new brand of compression ice packs on the scene, will they be your Runner’s Remedy?Runner’s Remedy Compression and Icing Sleeves range is tour de force! Combining both a comfortable to wear compression garments with a portable ice pack systems for optimal relief and recovery. So if you’re thinking about taking up a sport or jogging in the New Year you may want to be armed with a Runner’s Remedy. There’s a Runner’s Remedy Sleeve for most common running injuries as the range consists of the following:
The ‘Knitty gritty’
The Runner’s Remedy Sleeves are made from a compression knit nylon/lycra fabric and contain no latex. The stretchy compression qualities aid blood flow and recovery of the affected area. Then the cooling ice pack inserts sooth and reduce swelling and last the up to 25 minutes. In each Runner’s Remedy Sleeve pack you get four ice pack inserts as standard, these ice packs take about an hour to freeze fully and last for up to 25 minutes allowing you to swap in other inserts as the first ones become warm.
The Runner’s Remedy Sleeves come in a versatile one size fits all design and each sleeve works for either right or left leg/foot. They can be worn with or without the ice inserts and are ideal for during activity as a compression garment and after activity or workout to aid recovery by inserting the ice packs to reduce swelling.
How to Use
Using the Runner’s Remedy Compression Sleeves are easy, simply pull them on carefully, trying not to stretch the material too much as this prolongs the life of the compression garment. Then slip the ice insert into the pouch and roll down the top of the sleeve to secure the ice pack in place, this design makes them great for active people who don’t want to sit around hold an ice pack on  their leg/foot.
Who can Benefit From Runner’s Remedy?
The Runner’s Remedy Compression and Icing Sleeves are ideal for beginner runners, professional athletes and everyone in between with Plantar Fasciitis, sore calves or Achilles tendonitis. As they are so versatile people of all shapes and sizes, with injuries on either legs can use these. Even if you misplace your Runner’s Remedy ice inserts you can purchase the Reusable Replacement Ice Packs for £10. This pack includes four small ice packs for use with the arch and ankle sleeve and four large inserts for the calf sleeve.
The Whole Runner’s Remedy Range is available here at Health and Care from £10 - £30. For a closer look at the  range follow these links below: