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New Range of Amplified Telephones for the Deaf from Health and Care

Friday, 5 November 2010  |  Paul

Health and Care are pleased to announce the addition of brand new amplified telephones to their current range of telephones for the hard of hearing. Amplified telephones are a lifeline for many people who are unable to use a standard phone. All amplified telephones available from Health and Care include free delivery.

One of the new amplified phones for the deaf now available from Health and Care is theAmplicom PowerTel 680 Combo with Wrist Shaker. The extra loud phone is an advanced version of the already popular Amplicom PowerTel 580 Combo. The PowerTel 680 Combo amplified telephone is a combination of a desk and cordless phone. The receiver volume in both handsets can reach up to 35dB and the ringing volume is a very loud 90dB. Included with the Amplicom PowerTel 680 Combo loud phone is a wrist shaker which alerts the user to incoming calls and can also store emergency telephone numbers to dial.

This loud telephone from Amplicom is the ideal phone someone who is deaf or hard of hearing who lives alone and requires the emergency call feature of the wrist shaker in the PowerTel 680 Combo. Also new to Health and Care’s range of amplified phones for the hard of hearing is a new amplified mobile phone called the Amplicom PowerTel M6000. The PowerTel M6000 is an amplified mobile telephone for the hard of hearing with a receiver volume of up to 30db and an extra loud ringing volume of up to 100dB.

This loud mobile phone from Amplicom has many great features including an SOS button storing up to 5 numbers and 3 memory buttons for most dialled numbers. The special feature of theAmplicom PowerTel M6000 Amplified Mobile Phone is a fall sensor which is triggered when the user falls and drops the amplified mobile phone. The fall alerts the sensor which then dials of the stored emergency contact numbers in the PowerTel M6000 amplified mobile telephone.

Another new addition the range of Health and Care Amplified Mobile Telephones for the hard of hearing is the Amplicom PowerTel M4000. Although this extra loud mobile does not have as many fancy features as the Amplicom PowerTel M6000 Mobile Phone it is less expensive and still very loud. The PowerTel M4000 Amplified Mobile Phone is a simple to use loud mobile phone with large buttons and a colour display. Like the PowerTel M6000 Amplified phone the PowerTel M4000 loud mobile phone is hearing aid compatible making the phone easy to use by someone who is deaf without the user suffering noisy feedback. The Amplicom PowerTel M4000 Amplified Mobile Phone for the deaf works with most major Pay as You Go SIM cards including 02, Vodafone and Orange.

Health and Care’s range of amplified phones for the deaf includes phones made by Geemarc, Binatone and Amplicom. The range of hard of hearing phones include corded desk amplified phones, cordless hard of hearing phones, amplified phones with answering machine and hard of hearing mobile telephones. All of the phones available from Health and Care are phones for the deaf and hard of hearing and many come with extra features such as big buttons and photo number for people who are hard of hearing and who are also suffering from Dementia.