Never forget to take your medication again with the Tabtimer Pill Reminder!

Thursday, 12 February 2015  |  Paul

“I’d forget my head if it was loose!” a popular saying that couldn’t ring truer for many people. So if you find it hard to keep track of taking your of medication at the correct time, then worry no more the Tabtimer Pill Reminder is a compact, portable alarm that gives you the option of setting up to 5 daily alarms to ensure you take your medication exactly when it is needed, the handy device is small and discreet enough to pop in your pocket or handbag or pocket whilst you are on the go, so if you are travelling worry no more!

The Tabtimer Pill Reminder is also a great multi use device, don’t just use it for reminding you of when to take your medication, it can be used as an everyday alarm clock, a travel alarm clock (perfect for holidays when you want to make sure you make the most of the sun!) and as a general reminder for everyday events, with the Tabtimer Pill Reminder you will never miss a thing again!

As well as being portable the Tabtimer Pill Reminder is practical also, with a pull out bracket the reminder can be stood on a table/nightstand, there is a pull out ring allowing the Tabtimer to be hung on a wall and a magnetic block for sticking on fridges, the Tabtimer

Also if you aren’t particularly tech savvy, or prefer things to be easy and fuss free, the Tabtimer Pill Reminder does just that with 3 buttons to control all functions it is simple and quick to use. So if you think the Tabtimer could be the perfectly convenient device to help make things easier and more stress free, then follow the link below to buy the Tabtimer Pill Reminder today from Health and Care!