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Need A Nicolites Voucher Code?

1 CommentMonday, 24 March 2014  |  Paul

Need A Nicolites Voucher Code?

If you're looking for a Nicolites Voucher Code to buy your Nicolites Refill Cartomisers at a great price, then look no further!

Health and Care permanently has great prices on Nicolites Refills and we're currently offering an unbeatable deal on our Nicolites refills when you buy them in the following pack sizes:

  • 5 packs at £4.75 per pack of three cartomisers (saving £11 on RRP of Nicolites Refills)
  • 10 packs at £4.69 per pack of three cartomisers (saving £22.51 on RRP of Nicolites Refills)
  • 20 packs at £4.65 per pack of three cartomisers (saving £46.01 on RRP of Nicolites Refills)
  • 40 packs at £4.50 per pack of three cartomisers (saving £98.01 on RRP of Nicolites Refills)

These prices are great and they represent an enormous saving on your normal Nicolites refills purchase.

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But wait....there's even more good news!

Health and Care is also offering an incredible deal that beats the best voucher codes on Nicolites Refills

When you buy a pack of 20 or 40 Nicolites Refill Cartridges packs, you'll also receive the following extras:

  • Buy a 20 pack of Nicolites Refills and receive 1 FREE spare Nicolites rechargeable battery
  • Buy a 40 pack of Nicolites Refills and receive 2 FREE spare Nicolites rechargeable batteries

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The Best Prices For Nicolites Refills

Nicolites refills are a great way to save money as they offer a great value alternative to traditional cigarettes. With our Nicolites refills deals, they're even better than Nicolites voucher codes, Nicolites discounts and Nicolites coupons.

Nicolites are cheaper than traditional cigarettes, but when you see our Nicolites deals and free gifts, it makes even more financial sense to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to Nicolites electronic cigarettes.

Nicolites Refill Flavours

Nicolites refills are available in 3 different flavours (tobacco, menthol and cherry) in three different strengths of nicotine (high 16mg, medium 11mg, low 6mg and zero nicotine).

The superb Nicolites voucher beating prices that we offer are available across all flavours and strengths of Nicolites refills.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For More Great Nicolites Deals and Nicolites Voucher Codes

At Health and Care we're always trying to give you a great deal. Our customers love our fast free delivery and our great range of products. Nicolites refills and the superb savings that are available are no exception.

Keep your eyes peeled for more great Nicolites vouchers and Nicolites bargains in the near future.

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