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National No Smoking Day

Wednesday, 11 March 2009  |  Paul

National No Smoking Day

Today is National No Smoking Day and Health and Care are determined to make it last for the whole year and hopefully a lifetime. If you are reading this, you have taken the first step towards kicking an expensive and unhealthy habit. Let's not talk about why you should give up smoking - everyone knows the harmful effects and impact smoking has on your health and those around you. Instead, let's concentrate on the alternatives, and focus on how to stop you smoking successfully.

Health and Care have a range of smoking alternatives that might work for you. If you have tried inhalators or nicotine patches, and they haven't worked, take a look at our smoking alternatives page.

What Will I Find In Health and Care's Smoking Alternatives Page?

Here you will find the Nicocig, our best selling electronic cigarette. Everyone who tries it can't believe how much it looks, tastes and feels like a traditional cigarette. You can even blow smoke rings with the Nicocig.

How Does The Nicocig Work?

The Nicocig is a rechargeable electronic cigarette. The Nicocig refill cartridges contain nicotine solution which is turned into a vapour inside the Nicocig's vaporisation chamber. You can't see this happening as the technology is all contained within the Nicocig itself. This is inhaled in the same way as smoking a normal cigarette. When you inhale, the tip of the Nicocig lights up red, in exactly the same way as a traditional cigarette. The vapour is a dense mist which looks almost exactly the same as cigarette smoke. It even behaves in the same way - you can inhale and exhale the vapour, breathe it out through your mouth or nose, and even blow smoke rings with it.

How Big Is A Nicocig?

The Nicocig is approximately the same length as a long cigarette, such as a Superking cigarette. It is also very slightly chubbier than a normal cigarette. The great thing is that nobody will be able to tell the difference between a Nicocig and a normal cigarette unless they look very closely. The Nicocig is incredibly realistic.

Can The Nicocig Be Used In Pubs and Clubs?

As nothing is being burned by the Nicocig, this electronic cigarette can be used indoors in public places as it is unaffected by the smoking ban. As the Nicocig looks so realistic, we suggest you ask the management before "lighting up" as they will not be able to tell the difference between a Nicocig and a normal cigarette when they see you smoking it. That's how realistic it looks!

Why Choose The Nicocig Over Traditional Cigarettes?

The fantastic thing about the Nicocig is that you are not breathing in smoke, but a nicotine vapour. This nicotine vapour does not contain the harmful smoke substances created by burning tobacco. The Nicocig does not burn anything, but vaporises the nicotine solution to make a smoke-like vapour. It looks just like real smoke and can be exhaled in exactly the same way as traditional cigarette smoke.

Can The Nicocig Save Me Money?

We sell the Nicocig for £39.95 including free postage and packing. This is a money saving investment. You receive 6 cartridges with the Nicocig, which is the equivalent of 60 traditional cigarettes. This would normally cost in the region of £20. So you've already recouped half your money. Each set of 6 refill cartridges for the Nicocig only costs £5.95 including free postage and packing, and once again this equates to approximately 60 cigarettes. That works out at less than a third of the cost of traditional cigarettes, and you will save hundreds of pounds every year. For example, if you smoke 20 cigarettes per day every week, that would normally cost in the region of £50. Over the course of a year, that would amount to £2600.  With the Nicocig, the equivalent  number of cigarettes would cost approximately £14 every week and only £700 per year, which is quite a saving!

What Does The Nicocig Starter Kit Contain?

In the Nicocig Starter Kit you will receive 2 rechargeable batteries, a mains socket battery charger, a vaporisation chamber, a velvet carry case and 6 refill cartridges ranging from high to low nicotine strength so that you can assess which strength suits you best. It's a fantastic starter kit, and is not only perfect if you are looking for a smoking alternative, but makes a fantastic gift for anyone trying to kick the habit.

Purchase the Nicocig