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Nathan Sports: For All Runners

Friday, 7 August 2015  |  John

Nathan Sports make products designed to help you run. The quality of their stuff is proven in how many use it; go anywhere in the world where people run, and you’ll find something made by Nathan Sports.

Everybody’s A Runner

Their core mantra is that if you run, you’re a runner; it doesn’t matter if you’re a marathon leader or if you just started yesterday, Nathan believes that you should have the best gear at your disposal and they make sure that you have it.

Nathan Sports believes that it’s the little things that help you improve, no matter when you started or how good you are, so they ensure that the details of their products are all up to scratch.

Make Everything

Because running is their obsession, Nathan Sports makes sure that they can provide everything you need to make your run better and better. A lot of other sports manufacturers look to their competitors to see what they should make. Nathan Sports looks at what they want when they run, and makes it.

See Our Available Nathan Sports Products

For example, any runner will tell you that proper hydration is key to making sure that a run is a good run and not a one which ends with you hunched over a bench because you’re so dehydrated you can barely move. So they make waist packs and belts to hold water bottles comfortably, making sure that you’re not off balance because you’re carrying a bottle in your hand.

Going the Distance

Because some runners like to run for long periods, Nathan Sports knows that your standard backpack can be really uncomfortable to wear for a long time. To get over this hurdle, they decided to make a backpacks designed for longer use. This means ensuring that the straps are where they should be, and that the backpack has a natural comfortable shape.

They also know that men and women’s bodies are different, so they design and make different shaped backpacks for men and women. And you can be sure that if they sell a unisex backpack, they’ve made sure it is actually unisex.

Leading the Way

Because of their unique and determined approach to running equipment, Nathan Sports is a market leader. Their Running Essentials gear is ground-breaking and has pushed the market to be better. Their products are available in 45 countries, and are used in many more.

If you’re interested in getting some high quality running gear, see our range of Nathan Sports products.