Muscles Have Memories

Saturday, 19 October 2013  |  Paul

This is something my old Pilates teacher Danielle used to shout out in our lessons which my friend and I found rather amusing while doing various stretches without laughing at each other. It’s one of the main things I remember from the beginner’s Pilates course apart from the basic stretches.

When doing exercise our bodies start to remember what we aredoing, it stores the information and starts to create a physiologicalblueprint. This is great if you take a break from exercising and come back toit. I know that if I have not been to the gym or the pool for a while thengoing back into it for the first few times is rather painful but then the bodyadapts and remembers the exercise and you start to build up where you leftfrom. We have various conversations in the Health and Care office about who hasor has not been to the gym and if somebody has done a good gym session theygenerally feel it in the office the next day.

I really like the fact that our brains remember the exercisesthat we do and store this information so that we can build upon the work thathas been started and in winter Pilates is a good form of exercise to try andwork on your core strength. You can do this in the comfort of your own homewith a DVD and a Pilate’s kit or you can try a class in your local area. We have great starter kits for the Pilatesrange if you are looking to build up your core strength.