Multi-Purpose Pager

Monday, 21 October 2013  |  Paul

This week I’ve been adding to the Multi Purpose Pager range whichprovides everything you need for an at home call system.

If you are a carer for a loved one the Multi Purpose Pagerwill allow you to have up to 8 sensors around the house which will, whenactivated notify this pager. So for example you can have a jelly switch in thebathroom, a window opening alarm and a waterproof pendant which the person cancarry with them around the house if required.

These pagers are ideal for use at home as well as in carehomes and provide peace of mind for the patient and carer knowing they can becontacted from anywhere in the house if they need help.

The Jelly Switches have been designed for people with poordexterity or physical disability that inhibits use of a conventional help callswitch, the Jelly Switch provides a reliable and safe solution. With thelightest of touches from any part of the body the Jelly Switch will send asignal to the Multi Purpose Pager notifying the carer that the patient needshelp. The soft, gel material used to make this switch ensures the patient caneasily use there elbow, side, or even head if required without hurtingthemselves.

This Multi Purpose Pager can also be used with therevolutionary EnuSens Enuresis Sensors, Epilepsy Seizure Detectors and PIRTransmitters. See our full range of at home call systems today and call ourCustomer Care Team on 0207 931 8766 to see which combinations would be idealfor you!