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Monday, 28 October 2013  | 

There’s been even more pink additions to the Health and Carewebsite this week! Check out a few of our best selling pink products below, Ithink a couple of these would make unique Christmas gifts….

= The Medline Generation Pink 3G Synthetic Exam Gloves. These exam gloves are famous around the world , just google Pink Glove Dance and you’ll see what I mean!

= Touchscreen Gloves Isotoner Smartouch - Ladies Pink. Now these gloves are more of a gift! These gloves are perfect for anyone with a touch screen phone and lives in the UK (It’s freezing already!)

= Vulkan Pink Wrist Support Advanced Elastic. Why get a boring black or beige wrist support when you can have pink? 

= Complete Pink Nurses Set. This nurses set not only has all the daily essentials a hard working nurse needs, but it also looks cute. It’s also available in a version specifically for midwives too!

= Petite Folding Walking Stick – Pink Floral. If I were to choose any walking stick, this would be the one for me. It’s so cute and colourful, plus it folds down to handbag size when you need it to.

= KT Tape Pro Synthetic Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape. Not just available in pink, but I love that the colour option is Hero Pink. Maybe a little stocking filler for the sporty girl?

=     Power Balance Sports Bracelet Hologram Wristband Pink and White. Worn by many top athletes, anyone can use these bracelets and can improve your day to day performance – not just for sporty types.

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