Models Everywhere!

Thursday, 11 July 2013  |  Paul

Models everywhere!!

No, not the pretty to look at type…the more useful anatomical ones.

We sell so many human skeletons and spine models every week. However it wasn’t until the other day that I had a customer enquiring about the availability of dog and hare skeleton models.

We have such a vast range of anatomical models, skeletons and organ models.

Have a look through our range of Anatomical Models and Charts.

Even if you have no need to make a purchase, it is well worth a browse through the weird and wonderful selection. From a Chicken Skeleton to Foetal Skulls to Skin Cancer Models, we cover so many specialities.

The models are ideal for anyone who may be studying to be in the medical profession or maybe even if you are part of an amateur dramatic club in need of a skeleton or some bones.

Have a look for yourself and you may end up buying a Digestive System model out of sheer interest.