Mio: We Heart It

Tuesday, 28 July 2015  |  Paul

Wearable technology can so often be style over substance and it can be hard to find the products that can help you train more effectively. At Health and Care, we’ve only got eyes for the best wearables, the ones that stand up to the wear and tear of active life and that will help you turn into the best version of yourself, products like the ones offered by Mio.   

Oh Mio My

Heart Rate "watches" are nothing new, but Mio Heart Rate Monitors are the new leading name when it comes to make analysing your health a thing of fun futuristic fashion. Between becoming a finalist at the Innovation World Cup 2014 and being lauded by both editors from tech-savvy PC Mag and dedicated athletes at Fit Pregnancy to name but a couple, Mio has very much secured its position as one wearable you’ll be wearing for a long time yet.

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Have advanced heart-rate measuring technology in the convenience of a monitor the size of a wrist watch with Mio Alpha or as an eye-catching bracelet design with Mio Fuse. Forget the cumbersome chest straps of the past and look as good as you feel with wearable tech that helps you reach your full fitness potential.

Beating Yourself Black and Blue...Or Green, Or Yellow

Mio has been made to keep you on track whatever you fitness regime. Measuring your heart rate continuously throughout the day, programme your own fitness goals and let Mio make sure you stick to them. Keeping you in your peak performance state for peak physical fitness, Mio is perfect for heart rate training, using coloured LED lights to alert you to when you are entering a new level of heart rate activity so you know just how hard your body's working as you push through the 5 zones:

Zone Intensity Percentage of your maximum heart rate Recommended for
1 Very Light 50% - 60% Encouraging blood flow to the heart, great for general health and warm-downs.
2 Light 60% - 70% Enhancing the efficiency with which you use fat and carbohydrates as fuel.
3 Moderate 70% - 80%  Helping to improve aerobic fitness and delaying the fatigue caused by lactic acid.
4 Hard 80% - 90% Improving maximum performance capacity through high intensity work out
5 Maximum 90 - 100% Top end speed development, not recommended for inexperienced athletes or for long periods of time.

Completely without chest straps, the Mio is still able to give the most accurate reading of your heart rate out of any monitor on the market. How? By being a sensitive soul. The Mio is able to “sense” the volume of blood under your skin and using the algorithms of its inbuilt computer can calculate your precise heart rate with a 0.99 correlation to ECG in laboratory testing. Accurate at any speed, Mio provides real-time feedback on your sporting performance whether running, cycling or hitting the gym, and all from the comfort of your wrist!

Get Appy

The small but mighty Mio takes a range of statistics from your regular work out, and feeds it straight to you thanks to its app compatibility. Track your distance, speed and pace, your calorie burn and your every step taken and then see the data collaborated to your personal routine as Mio works in tandem with Mapmyfitness, Endomondo, Strava and many other leading fitness apps. Bluetooth enabled and entirely wireless in its app compatibility, a large memory stores almost 25 hours of workout data, meaning your personal progress will always be concise, up to date and uploaded straight to where you can see it - understanding your own personal performance has never been easier.

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