Memory Foam Pressure Relief Cushions available from Health and Care

Tuesday, 19 October 2010  |  Paul

Health and Care offer a wide range of memory foam items to help with pressure relief ranging from pressure relief cushions, pressure relief mattressespressure relief pillows and pressure relief fleeces. The Pressure Care range contains memory foam items which cater for everyone from low risk patients up to high risk patients. All of the memory foam pressure care items available from Health and Care include free delivery and can be purchased online.

Pressure Care items are essential for patients who are lying down or sitting for long periods of time. As these patients are in the same position for extended lengths of time they are more likely to develop pressure sores and bed sores which are extremely painful and uncomfortable. Pressure care patients will also suffer from hot damp skin and aches and pains from sitting or lying on a hard surface for long periods of time.

Within theComfort and Pressure Relief section of Health and Care is a wide range of memory foam pressure relief cushions. The majority of the pressure care cushions are made from visco elastic memory foam. Memory foam cushions are ideal for pressure care situations as they help to disperse the user’s heat and weight while the foam moulds to the body’s shape. Once the weight has been removed from the memory foam pressure cushion the pressure cushion returns to its natural state.

One of the most popular memory foam pressure cushions available from Health and Care is the Harley Designer Pressure Relief Cushion. This memory foam cushion for pressure relief provides comfort and relief for patients including high risk patients combined with the appropriate care. The Harley Designer Pressure Relief Cushion is available in 9 sizes making it an extremely versatile cushion suitable for a variety of chair sizes.

Health and Care provide a range of Harley Pressure Relief Cushions made from Memory Foam designed to target different areas which require pressure relief. TheHarley Designer Memory Foam Ring Cushion is a ring shaped cushion which takes pressure away from the posterior and enables the patient to sit comfortably for longer periods of time. The Harley Designer Memory Foam Ring Cushion is made from Visco-Elastic Memory Foam and is suitable for high risk patients with the appropriate care.

Within the Harley range of Memory Foam cushions from Health and Care is the Harley Bari Care Designer Pressure Relief Cushion which has been designed specifically for bariatric patients who are at an even greater risk of suffering from pressure sores. This bariatric memory foam cushion has a 3 part constructions which prevents the cushion from bottoming out and helps to hold its shape. This cushion for bariatric patients can carry a maximum user weight of 40 stone (254kg).

Also available from Health and Care are memory foam mattresses. These memory foam mattresses have been designed for pressure care patients who are at risk from pressure sores and require a special mattress to help relieve the pressure. These Harley Designer Pressure Relief Mattresses are made from 7cm thick visco elastic memory foam which was first developed by NASA scientists for space missions. This memory foam mattress contains temperature reactive memory foam which recognises the shape of the body and adjusts to the shape accordingly. These pressure relieving mattresses are available in 4 sizes from single to super king size.