Medical Simulators & Trainers

Friday, 12 September 2014  |  Amy

Medical Simulators and Trainers are widely used in first aid training and medical study. Here at Health and Care, we have a wide range of manikins, simulators and trainers available for medical training.

One of the most popular training products is the CPR Manikins. Below is a list of our top 2 CPR Training Manikins:

Little Anne CPR Manikin with Softpack

The Little Anne CPR Manikin has been developed to provide effective adult CPR training without compromising realism or quality. The Little Anne CPR Manikin is durable and has a convenient design.

The Little Anne CPR Manikin is available in single (Little Anne CPR Manikin with Softpack) a pack of four (Little Anne CPR Manikin Four Pack) or a family set (Little Family CPR Manikin Pack) to suit different trainers and training courses.

Features of the Little Anne include:

  • Oral and nasal passages to allow for a realistic nose pinch, required for mouth to nose ventilation.
  • Natural obstruction of the airway, allowing students to learn the important technique of opening the airway.
  • Head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust to allow students to correctly practice all manoeuvers necessary when resuscitating a real victim.
  • Realistic airway function means that the airway remains obstructed without proper head tilt/chin lift or jaw thrust. Chest rise seen with correct ventilations.


Adult 'Brad' CPR 

The Adult 'Brad' CPR Resuscitation Mannequin is an excellent value CPR resuscitation mannequin constructed from soft and realistic vinyl plastic over a polyurethane foam base. The Adult 'Brad' CPR Resuscitation Mannequin is designed with training needs in mind to facilitate the learning of CPR techniques.

Features of the Adult ‘Brad’ CPR Manikin include:

  • Long torso, ideal for realistic abdominal thrusts.
  • Realistic head tilt and chin lift for airway opening.
  • Anatomical landmarks including sternum, ribcage and sub sternal notch.
  • Airway can be easily manipulated to simulate airway obstruction or choking.