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Monday, 18 August 2014  |  Amy

3 Reasons to choose medical sheepskin products:

  • Medical sheepskin quality is far superior to decorative sheepskins.
  • The fibre density is of medical sheepskin fleece is far higher (5000+ fibres/ so they don't flatten whilst supporting the user, enabling air to circulate between the fleece and skin allowing blood flow (and if there isn't good circulation this is what causes ulcers). 
  • Pressure relief medical sheepskin fleeces are used by hospitals and care homes as they can be thermally disinfected in very high temperature washes (up to 80'C) and warm tumble dried.  You cannot do this with standard fleeces, they would shrink.

The Pressure Relief Natural Full Sheepskin Fleece Single

The Pressure Relief Natural Full Sheepskin Fleece Single features a luxurious 100% natural dense medical sheepskin fleece in a wonderful green colour which provides instant comfort and support but is incredibly soft to touch. This Sheepskin Fleece can be used on beds, chairs or recliners.

  • Evenly distributes body weight, providing gentle joint stress relief.
  • Absorbs moisture, keeps you feeling dry and comfortable.
  • Proven shear, friction and pressure ulcer prevention.
  • Get a great night’s sleep and wake feeling refreshed.
  • Warm in Winter, cool in Summer.

The medical grade full single sheepskin fleeces are specially selected to provide the ideal combination of high density woolfibres for the ultimate in support as well as allowing free circulation of air for coolness, coupled with luxuriant softness for comfort.

Single fleeces are ideal for:

  • Chair and recliner coverings to relieve back pain and stress especially for users who spend long periods sitting.
  • Bed coverings to relieve pressure points, (the most frequent cause of waking) to provide the most comfortable night's sleep you have experienced.
  • Natural sheepskin fleeces are proven to help prevent pressure sores which can lead to painful infections and ulcers.

The Pressure Relief Natural Full Sheepskin Fleece Single can be thermally disinfected by washing at 80°C and is both machine washable and tumble drier-safe. The size of the single fleece is 37"x 25" (95cm x 65 cm).

To ensure many long years of usage from your Sheepskin Fleece we recommend using Sheepskin Whoolwash which contains leather conditioners and natural antibacterial tea tree oil to keep your fleece supple soft and fresh.

As all of these high quality sheepskin products and fleeces are 100% natural there may be natural colour variations from one item to the next. Colours displayed on our website may also differ slightly to the actual colours of the products you receive.  We can assure you that you will only receive the highest quality sheepskin item.

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