Medi Lumbamed Plus Back Support – Your lower back pain solved!

Thursday, 20 November 2014  |  Paul

Almost half the population of adults will suffer from back pain at some point this year. If that percentage includes you, there are many ways to sooth and help with lower back pain, including supports and thermal heat pads. Medi UK has cleverly designed the Medi Lumbamed Plus Back Support which incorporates both of these aspects – a comfortable, adjustable support and an optional extra of the Lumbamed Plus Thermo Heat Pad.
The Medi Lumbamed Back Support is designed to assist your back and can slightly reduce excessive curvature of the lower spine (also known as lordosis). It is most commonly used for people with lower back pain, postural muscle imbalance in the lumbar spine, slight joint loosening in the lower spine and irritative conditions of the sacroiliac joint.
The Medi Lumbamed Plus Back Support works by securing the elastic compressive knitted fabric around the waist/hip area to provide compression and support. It boasts an optimised fastening structure with curved edges which not only makes the Medi Lumamed Plus Back Support easy to secure but makes it incredibly comfortable when seated, in comparison to some similar supports. Because of this it could make the perfect back pain solving companion for office workers, delivery drivers and more!
The Medi Lumbamed Plus Back Support comes in a Mens’ edition in a silver colurway and Women’s Edition in the sand colourway. The Men’s and Women’s Lumbamed Plus Supports are anatomically made for each respective body type, taking the wider female hip structure and male muscle structure into account, which guarantees a better fit than a unisex support garment. 
The Vario-Flex Pad
    The Vario Flex pad is a massage pad within the Lumbamed Plus, which has been anatomically designed to match the muscle and tendon structure in the lumbar area, to ease pain and assist with lower back pain. For extra soothing qualities you can add the Medi Lumbamed Plus Thermo Pad (sold separately).
    The Medi Lumbamed Plus Thermo Pad
    The Lumbamed Plus is perfect for every day use for suffers of lower back pain and is sure to make you sigh an ‘ooooo’ of relief.
    For extra relief at the end of the day why not add the Lumbamed Plus Thermo Pad to heat and sooth your aches and pain. The Thermo Pad is a reusable heat pad that fits perfectly into the Lumbamed Plus Back Support and gives great relief for people suffering with chronic muscle of joint pain, muscle tension and even menstrual related pain in the back region. Simply activate the Thermo Pad by flexing it, then place in the Lumbamed Plus Support, secure with the Velcro tab and feel its soothing warmth (50 – 55 degrees) in less than 30 seconds. When you want to use it again simply boil in hot water, cool and it’s ready to use again.
    The Medi Lumbamed Plus Back Support and Lumamed Plus Thermo Pad can be used together or separately and gives optimum support and comfort to suffers of lower back pain.
    You can buy the Medi Lumbamed Plus Back Support here at Health and Care for £79.99 with FREE UK delivery.
    Want the whole Medi package?
    Add the Medi Lumbamed Plus Thermo Pad to your Lumbamed Support for just £9.99