Medi: A Century of Good Health

Wednesday, 15 July 2015  |  Paul

At Health And Care we take nothing more seriously than your health, and we expect no less from the products we proudly stock. From joint supports to compression stockings, Medi UK shares our mentality of creating quality products to help you keep your quality of health - in their own words “Medi’s aim is to produce the best quality medical products in the world.”

Medi: A History of Care

Dating back to the end of the 19th century, Medi created its first compression stocking, the Medi Stocking, in 1964. A perfectly seamless, highly elastic and fully supportive garment, Medi's compression stockings were designed to provide the highest quality. Medi were the first company to have a clinically tested travel compression hosiery on the market during the early 2000s and has a huge wealth of history and experience to call on when it comes to your health.

The Medi Organisation draws on the experience and knowledge of five separate divisions:

  • Phlebology: For the care of vein and blood-flow
  • Orthopaedics: For joint support and braces
  • Prosthetics: For the provision of leg prostheses
  • Hospital: For the vast range of requirements in everyday medical care
  • Cep: For the specialisation of compression hosiery

With 320 patent brands and products and over 19 branches, Medi products are available in 90 countries with over 2000 employees committed to delivering you quality heath products.  

Full Support from Medi

Medi’s support braces, available for wherever you need a helping hand including shoulderselbows and wrists, are testament to Medi’s specialist knowledge. Made with high quality, technologically advanced materials, Medi braces and supports not only help sore joints recover from injury or surgery, but actively promote their healing. These healing powers are due to unique touches such as silicone massaging gel or textured support pads.

Don’t think Medi is shy about addressing the more serious of your healthcare needs, either. Whether you’ve an aching ankle or a sore spinal disk, Medi’s range of braces and supports have quite literally got your back.

All of Medi’s supports also benefit from an eye for design. With a clean, low-profile look, the high quality of Medi’s products is discernible from the quality of their appearance, giving them just as much style as substance.   

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A Tight Situation

Medi are a market leader in compression stockings, support tights, and compression garments for the upper body, with their entire range having been proven to be clinically effective, we’re certain they’ll be a positive effect on your health.

With stockings for anti-embolism, varicose veins, leg ulcers and recovery from surgery, Medi offers a professional level of care for limbs. Also available for everyday wear, Medi stockings come in a range of colours that means good health is now great fashion.

Both male and female wearers are catered to by Medi’s high-performing, under-stated garments, making them the universal choice for a compression sock that perfectly blend durability, versatility and fashion – who knew looking good could be so good for you?

Medi, I Feel Better

Not merely a slogan, this is Medi’s promise to you. With their pioneering concepts, dedicated international team and range of quality products, the thought of a life of improved health and comfort is a now a reality.

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