Mastering the Chair Occupancy Alarm Mat System with Voice Alert and Pager

Thursday, 3 December 2015  |  John

The Chair Occupancy Alarm Mat System With Voice Alert and Pager is a fantastic system for alerting you if a relative or patient leaves their chair when they have difficulty walking. The voice alert aspect ensures that the individual is reassured that help is on the way and can also work as a reminder to them not to get up on their own.

Setting Up the Voice Alert

This speaking option is very easy to set-up - simply open up the battery compartment of the transmitter, switch the internal switch to voice and press and hold the internal "Record" button. You can record a message to be spoken to the person when they get up out of their seat. The recording can be up to 20 seconds long which gives you plenty of time to record a simple or detailed message.

This is a fantastic feature and is incredibly versatile, enabling you to record exactly what is best for them to hear, no matter the situation. 

Range and Positioning of the Chair Occupancy Alarm Mat System With Voice Alert and Pager

The Chair Occupancy Alarm Mat System With Voice Alert and Pager has a range of approximately 100 metres.

The range of the system (the distance from transmitter/sensor to the pager) will vary depending on the structure of the building. Walls and windows can have an impact on range.

However, the average range inside a building is likely to be between approximately 50 and 80 metres. Always check that the system has an appropriate operating range when setting up your system to ensure you will be alerted successfully if someone leaves their chair.

Fitting the Chair Occupancy Voice Monitor Near the Patient

The voice monitor/transmitter can be fitted near to the patient in three ways. The monitor can be simply placed on a chairside table or surface. The voice monitor is supplied with a holder/housing that the voice monitor slots into. This is a very helpful item as it has both a Velcro strap (for fitting to chair handles or chair backs) and wall mountable holes for fitting the housing to a wall or flat vertical surface.

Where Do You Put The Chair Mat Sensor?

The chair mat sensor can be placed underneath or on top of the chair cushion or wheelchair cushion. If placing on top of the the cushion, we would recommend placing the sensor mat inside a cushion cover/pillow cover to stop any sliding of the mat, and for comfort.

Tamper Proof Design

The Chair Occupancy Alarm Mat System With Voice Alert and Pager has a tamper proof design to ensure that the mat is not inadvertently disconnected from the monitor.

As can be seen from the pictures below, the sensor mat connector jack is plugged into a protected recess which is accessed by removing a phillips head screw. This closes and secures the sensor mat jack in place, meaning that this cannot be unplugged by the patient.

With access door securely closed:

With access door opened for connection to sensor mat, mute function and delay function:

This feature ensures that people under your care with behavioral problems can’t disconnect the sensor and get up without you being alerted, putting themselves in danger.

If you're interested in buying this chair alert system, head on over to Health and Care and check out the Chair Occupancy Alarm Mat System With Voice Alert and Pager.

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