Make bathing easier with the Aquajoy Bathlifts range

Monday, 1 June 2009  |  Paul

If you are beginning to find getting in and out of the bath a bit of a struggle or you know someone who does, the range Aquajoy Bathlifts may just be the answer.

All of us enjoy a deep, hot bubble bath to relax after a long day but some people find getting into the bath so difficult that it puts them of having a bath altogether. The Aquajoy bathlifts come in a range of designs and styles to suit most bath shapes to make bathing a much easier and more enjoyable experience.

The Aquajoy Saver Bathlift is a fixed bath lift so it is ideal for those who like to sit in the bath. It is lightweight in design and the easy release suction feet with lifting bar reduces back strain and stretching when fitting and removing. The Aquajoy Saver Bathlift is supplied with an easily operated floating hand control that is suitable for users with visual impairment. It can be used with or without optional washable cover mats.

For those who prefer to recline fully in the bath but still have the security of a bath lift the Aquajoy Premier Plus Bathlift is the ideal solution. The Aquajoy Premier Plus Bath Lift is a two piece, lighweight reclining bathlift and is for people who find it difficult to a use and enjoy a bath like they used to. The Aquajoy Premier Plus fits into any style of bath and maximises leg room. It is also easy to put in and take out of your bath without requiring any adaptation or modification to your bathroom.

Bathlifts are not just for the elderly either, Aquajoy have produced the Aquajoy Junior Plus which is perfect to help children and carers to enjoy their bath time. 

The Aquajoy Junior Plus is a lightweight reclining bathlift ideal for making children's bath times easier. The Aquajoy Junior Plus includes brightly patterned covers, wings for body support and pommel.

All Aquajoy Bathlifts are compatable with a range of accessories including gel covers, wedge cushion, pommel and even a swivel and slide seat to make using the Aquajoy Bathlifts even easier. All of the Aquajoy Bathlifts from Health and Care include either white or blue covers and postage and packaging is free.

So if you are looking for a bath lift, bath seat or bath chair the Aquajoy Bathlifts have something for everyone. Why not start enjoying your baths again today!