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Looking for a Vype Discount Code?

Wednesday, 21 October 2015  |  John

Buy 5 Vype e-Tanks and Get One Free

Trying to find Vype discount codes? We here at Health and Care know how fiddly and annoying it can be to enter them and find out they’re expired, not correct or just plain not working. And that’s not to mention how hard it can be to find Vype discount codes and how much time you can waste looking for them.

So for our latest offer you don’t even need a Vype discount code to take advantage – simply buy any 5 eLiquid refills and receive another free of charge!

Better than a Vype Discount Code

Our latest deal beats any Vype discount code offer out there, and is guaranteed to save you money and time. If you buy 6 Vype eLiquid refills, you’ll get one absolutely free! It doesn’t matter what combinations of strength or flavour you pick, you pay for 5 and you get 6!

What’s more, this offer even rolls over – order 12 Vype eLiquid refills and you'll only pay for 10!

Limited Time Offer

Don’t hang around though, because even though this deal beats any Vype discount code it can’t stay around forever. This fantastic offer runs through to the end of November, so don’t hesitate – get your free Vype eLiquid refills today!

Why Vype?

Vype’s years of expertise ensure that they can deliver a fantastic level of quality in their vaping products, and this has culminated in the Vype eTank. Because it uses liquid instead of disposable refill caps, the Vype eTank gives you total control over your vaping experience

You decide the exact combinations of flavours and strengths that go into the eTank, allowing you to fully customise your vaping experience to match your tastebuds. And that’s all without mentioning that Vype’s e-cigarettes contain no tobacco and are much healthier and safer than conventional cigarettes, which give off harmful carcinogens that harm you and the people around you.

See Our Full Vype Range

Each and every one of the Vype eTank refills is included in our latest Vype eLiquid offer, regardless of strength or flavour. Pick out which 6 eLiquid refills you want and you’ll get one eLiquid refill for free! Or pick out 12 and get 2 of them free!

Remember, you don’t need to worry about messing around with Vype discount codes to take advantage of this offer, so save yourself time and money and pick up a free Vype eLiquid refill right now!

Vype eLiquid Flavours

Vype’s eLiquid eTank refills are available in 9 delicious flavours which will set your tastebuds alight with each puff:

  • Blended Tobacco: for that classic cigarette sensation
  • Golden Tobacco: for a smoother tobacco finish with a hint of caramel
  • Crisp Mint: for a refreshing mint feeling
  • Rich Aniseed: for a sweet, floral taste
  • Fresh Apple: for an invigorating zesty essence
  • Dark Cherry: for a fruity and deep note
  • Infused Vanilla: for a sweet but smooth finish
  • Oriental Spice: for a spicy, nutty taste
  • Vpure: for a pure, flavourless option

If you’re interested in taking advantage of our latest Vype offer, you can head on over to Health and Care and check out our full range of Vype eLiquid refills.