Look after your toenails...

Saturday, 1 June 2013  |  Paul

It seems everyone I know is having their toenails taken off recently.

In-growing toenails, overlapping nails, folded over toes, bruised nails. These are all such things I have been made aware of happening to friends and family’s feet recently – things that I did not want to know about either - but thought I might share with you anyhow.

I’m sure my mother would indeed mind me telling all about her weird overlapping toe that clearly needs to be amputated but that she clings on to. But that’s not the half of her toe problems, no. Her big toe nail has just been taken clean off leaving nothing but raw, scabby flesh behind. Happily, I found myself in the position of being able to offer her advice on post-op shoes to wear with her bandaged toes. Unfortunately she just ignored my ‘condescending tone’ but you know, it’s the thought and all that..

There are some decent looking post-op shoes out there that don’t make you look like a clown, but some people can be stubborn. I think they’re just annoyed about having manky nails.

Look after your toe nails, don’t cut them too short and if you need a post-op shoe, buy one.