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London Yoga Classes: Yoga Gear from Health and Care

Friday, 5 June 2015  |  Paul

As we all enjoy the glorious summer, more yogis are taking their yoga classes in London to the great outdoors; practising in one of the many lush green spaces around the city. 

Summer makes it is easier to get to early morning yoga classes and many evening classes finish while it is still light outside. Yoga is an ancient practice and offers those living in bustling cities a moment to slow down, be mindful and breathe. It can be practised by anyone at any age and it has countless health benefits and with regular practice promotes positive overall well being benefits. 

Whether you're practising yoga in a park or in a studio, Health and Care have a wide range of yoga gear including yoga mats, blocks, yoga towels and yoga blocks.

Am I too old to practice yoga? 

Yoga is not an age or skill-based practice, meaning it is ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels. With a variety of classes available in many locations in London and throughout the UK, finding a class to suit your fitness level and experience is easier than ever before. Many classes cater to beginners at the back of the class and the more experienced yogis towards the front. This allows those at the back of the class, without as much experience, to watch those at the front. This really helps those learning yoga postures to correctly align and position the body. 

Yoga: Great for Balance and Coordination 

Yoga is often recommended for older people with balance and coordination issues and because there is no age limit to starting your yoga practice, many who begin to practice in their later years which they had started much sooner! 
Not only great for balance and coordination for people of all ages, yoga also has the following benefits;

  • Builds muscle strength 
  • Perfects your posture 
  • Improves spinal strength 
  • Positive effects on bone health 
  • Increases your blood flow, helping to flush toxins from the lymphatic system 
  • Boosts your immune system 
  • Can help you focus

This is a small snapshot of the many wide and varied health benefits of yoga. The on-going benefits of yoga are countless with the practice being linked to not only a healthier body but a healthier and happier mind too!

Yoga Mats and Yoga Gear from Health and Care

The Yoga-Mad Warrior Plus Yoga Mat from Health and Care provides amazing grip and cushioning while practising your yoga poses. It is durable, making it ideal for use every day. Choose from two different on-trend colours. If you are a Bikram yoga fan, you may enjoy the muted blue tones of the Blue Sky Yoga Mat for a soothing visual accompaniment to your hot yoga practice.

For those looking for a vibrancy and motivation early in the morning, a Yoga-Mad Warrior Plus Yoga Mat in Red Fire may be just the mat you’re looking for. 

If you need a yoga mat carrier, the Yoga-Mad Yoga Mat Carrier is a mesh mat carrier with a useful drawstring carry rope, and suits 4-5 mm thick mats. 

Browse our selection of Yoga blocks, all designed to provide lift and support. And for those travelling yogis? We'd recommend the Yoga-Mad Grip Dot Yoga Mat Towel. It is super absorbent and highly versatile. The dots provide a great, anti-slip yoga mat, ideal for those who practice hot yoga.

Health and Care helps you care for your health. Products available to order online at are carefully selected to provide the best in health and care products on the market.

See below for the Health and Care's selection of yoga gear perfect all year round. Did you know many who have been practising yoga for decades are still working on mastering some poses? So for those wanting to start, why not start today? All you need is a mat, towel, carry case and a can-do attitude. Yoga is done bare foot on a yoga mat with a towel placed over the mat. Carrying your yoga mat to and from class is easier with a carry case.