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Logic Compact Discount Codes: Save Money on Logic Compact E-Cigarette Refills

Tuesday, 22 September 2020  |  Paul

The Logic Compact Vape Pen is a sleek vaping device that is discreet, stylish and easy to use, making it perfect for newcomers to vaping and experience vapers alike. It uses one touch charge and start magnetic technology which allows you to use the device as soon as you've removed it from the box. Refills are available in a wide range of flavours and strengths, with every single refill being available at a discount when you buy in bulk. 

How Do I Get My Logic Compact Discount?

Getting your discount is extremely easy. You do not need a voucher code. Simply follow the below instructions:

  1.  View our Logic Compact Electronic Cigarettes and Refills category and choose the strength and flavour for you
  2. Click the drop-down menu and choose your option and chosen discount
  3. Click "Add to Basket" and continue with your purchase
  4. That's it! No voucher, no code required.

Which Discounts Are Available with Logic Compact?

Every single one of our Logic Compact is available with a discount. All you need to do is find your refill product via our Logic Compact Refills category page and purchase the product in the quantity that you want. Below, you can view the quantity of which you need to purchase your refills in in order to gain a discount.

Packs Cost Cost per Pack
1 Pack (2 Pods) £5.99 £5.99 per Pack
3 Packs (6 Pods) £14.49 £4.83 per Pack
5 Packs (10 Pods) £23.49 £4.70 per Pack
8 Packs (16 Pods) £29.99 £3.75 per Pack

Select any pack of Logic Compact refills, choose your pack size, and automatically claim your discount

Which Products Can I Get a Discount On?

Every single one of the Logic Compact Refill Pods are available at a discount no matter the flavour or strength. Click on your chosen flavour and strength below or view the Shop Now button for a glance at the full range.

All of the strengths and flavours above are available at a discount. Just make sure you purchase your Logic Compact Vape Pen before you purchase your refills.

How Much Money Can I Actually Save?

The more packs of refills that you purchase the more money you will save. If you want to purchase 48 packs, then you'll get nearly 50p off every single pack and save over £25.00!

Packs Cost per Pack Total Money Saved
1 Pack (2 Pods) £5.99 per Pack £0.00
3 Packs (6 Pods) £4.83 per Pack £3.48
5 Packs (10 Pods) £4.70 per Pack £6.45
8 Packs (16 Pods) £3.75 per Pack £17.92

Which E-Cigarette Do I Need to Use with Logic Compact Refills?

The Logic Compact E-Cigarette Refills are designed specifically for use with the Logic Compact Vape Pen. By purchasing the e-cigarette and compatible refills, it will ensure that you can connect the battery and your cartridge without any issues.

Do I Get Discounts On All Flavours?

Logic Compact comes in a wide selection of flavours, including tobacco and menthol and more fruity flavours such as cherry and strawberry. The discounts apply to all flavours, meaning that you no matter what your taste, you can still save money by buying in bulk. You can find the flavour for you below:

  • Tobacco:
    • Classic Tobacco: Classic Tobacco is designed to taste reminiscent of a traditional cigarette. It's a popular choice for those making the switch over from traditional smoking, or those who enjoy rich tobacco notes. Available in the following strengths:  (18mg) (12mg)
    • Caramel Tobacco: Caramel Tobacco combines the traditional tobacco notes with a hint of smooth caramel. We recommend caramel tobacco if you enjoy tobacco, yet want a sweeter vaping sensation.  (18mg) (12mg)
    • Intense Amber Tobacco: Logic's Intense range use nicotine salts to make the vape more intense. The Intense Amber Tobacco option taste just like normal tobacco, however the use of nicotine salts make the flavour more intense. Only use intense tobacco if you really do love the taste of an ordinary cigarette. (18mg)
  • Menthol:
    • Classic Menthol: Classic Menthol tastes similar to that of a traditional menthol cigarette. It has hints of tobacco, but not overpowering and not enough to out-taste the refreshing minty notes. (18mg) (12mg)
    • Polar Menthol: Polar Menthol is just menthol with a stronger menthol flavour and no tobacco. This is for the menthol lovers, not someone who likes a traditional menthol cigarette. It is also available in intense, giving you an extra strong menthol hit. (18mg), (12mg)  (6mg)
    • Spearmint Menthol: Spearmint Menthol is slightly sweeter and more subtle than peppermint and normal menthol. This is ideal for those transitioning from traditional menthol but want a sweeter taste. Also available in intense, for those who want a stronger hit. (18mg), (12mg)  (6mg)
    • Peppermint Menthol: Peppermint offers a more traditional minty flavour, slightly cooler with more menthol. It comes only in intense, meaning that you get a strong tobacco hit along with the minty notes. (18mg)
  • Fruit:
    • Berry Crumble: Berry Crumble offers a fruity berry flavour with notes of buttery sweet crumble. It is your ideal choice for anyone who loves a sweet, dessert flavour. (12mg)
    • Berry Mint: Berry Mint offers the sweet taste of berries with a fresh mint undertone. It's fruity yet cooling, perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth. (18mg) (12mg)
    • Cantaloupe Melon: Cantaloupe Melon is sweet and fresh and not too strong. Tasting like a cantaloupe melon this pod is refreshing and perfect for a hot summers day. (12mg)
    • Cherry: Cherry is just like it says on the tin. Sweet, refreshing and offering everything you could possibly ask for from a fruity vape. Tasting just like cherry, this can satisfy any vaper. (12mg)
    • Strawberry: Strawberry is full of flavour, giving you a medium strength hit full of strawberry notes. (12mg)
    • Chai Latte: Chai Latte can satisfy those who like a little spice. A mild cinnamon flavour is combined with smooth latte, a perfect start to your day. (18mg)
    • Banoffee: Banoffee is reminiscent of a sweet banoffee pie, combining favourite flavours banana and toffee. A great choice for those who love a sweet tasting vape. (18mg)
    • Berry Ripple: Combine a fruity berry hit with tobacco undertones. Coming in high strength, this is an ideal option for anyone who's after a refreshing fruity hit with a slight note of tobacco (18mg)

Do I Need a Voucher for Logic Compact Discounts?

You'll be pleased to know that you don't need a discount to access your discount on Logic Compact products. Simply find the product for you, click the drop-down menu and choose the pack in the quantity of your choice.

Do you have a favourite Logic Compact strength? Do you have any questions to add or are you confused about how to get your discount? Why not let us know in the comments below, or find us on Twitter or Facebook!

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Please be aware that the products mentioned contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. E-cigarettes are not intended as an aid to smoking cessation and are only intended as an alternative to other tobacco products.