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Liko Hoists & Liko Slings - Lifting Made Easy

1 CommentSaturday, 19 April 2014  |  Paul
This week we have just added a brand spanking new range of Liko Lifting Aids & Hoists that provide lifting solutions for a range of everyday needs.
Our Liko Hoists ensure that hoisting and lifting is comfortable and secure for both the patient and caregiver. Check out our top 5 Liko Hoists below.

If you require easy lifting, go for the Liko M230 Hoist:

The Liko M230 Hoist is fully electric, including a base-width adjustment that creates a secure and comfortable lifting experience for both residents and caregivers.

If you have difficulty walking, have a look at our Liko Roll On Standing Aid:

Is the perfect devise for people who have difficulty walking, but have sufficient arm strength to pull themselves up to a steady standing position. Easy to use, the Liko Roll On Standing Aid can help in rehabilitation or as a transfer and balance support in different care situations.

If you are new to lift operation, then the Liko M220 Hoist is ideal:

The Liko M220 Hoist creates a secure and comfortable lifting experience for both residents and caregivers. The Liko M220 Hoist's intuitive design makes this mobile lift easy to use and is ideal for caregivers who are new to lift operation.

If you have limited space, you will need the Liko Viking Mobile Lift:

The Liko Viking Mobile Lift S is small but strong, with a smooth and economical mobile lift which fits perfectly in settings where space is limited.

The Liko Viking Series sets the standard for safe and efficient mobile lifts, ready to solve the most varying needs in different care situations, including horizontal lifting, confined spaces, heavy lifting and gait training.

If you require heavy lifting, check out the Liko Viking Mobile Lift XL:

The Liko Viking Mobile Lift XL is designed for the most demanding of lifts. With a lifting capacity of 300 kg (660 lbs), the Liko Viking Mobile Lift XL has been developed especially for bariatric patients.