Life Size Model Skeletons

Sunday, 27 April 2014  |  Paul

We have sold Life-size Model Skeletons to a range of people over the years; to universities in need of demonstrative tools, famous television studios in need of props, and even to people for elaborate practical jokes! Whatever your reasons, we can provide you with an appropriate skeleton.

Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10

‘Stan’ is the world’s best-selling model skeleton. He comes with removable limbs, a dismantlable skull and even removable teeth making him perfect for use with students of all ages. Stan skeleton comes complete with around 200 bones which are even designed to be a realistic weight and his joints are all also fully bendable making him a rather life-like model. A wheeled skeleton-stand with brakes is provided with Stan to enable you to stand him up and articulate him with ease. He may not be very talkative but all of these features have made Stan very popular with our customers.

Anatomical Model Full Size Skeleton

The Anatomical Model Full Size Skeleton is another of our best-selling skeletons. This model skeleton is incredibly detailed which makes it an excellent teaching aid. It was designed especially for use in physiology and hygiene courses which explains its popularity with teaching institutions. The joints of the Anatomical Model Full Size Skeleton are fully movable and the spine can be articulated to show 4 different types of curvature. This skeleton comes with a stand and a dust cover for ease of transport and storage. If it’s a detailed skeleton you are looking for then this is the skeleton for you!

Deluxe Life Size Model Skeleton

The Deluxe Life Size Model Skeleton is based on the same design as the Anatomical Model Full Size Skeleton however this model is designed to show the relationships between the musculature of the body and the skeletal system. This skeleton includes all of the details and features of the Anatomical Model Full Size Skeleton but includes painted red markings to indicate muscle origins and blue painted markings to indicate muscle insertions; this makes the Deluxe Life Size Model Skeleton an excellent aid for teaching students about the relationship between muscles and bones, joint morphology, and general anatomy.


All of the amazing model skeletons come with a next working day courier delivery service as standard at no extra cost so order now from Health and Care!