KT Tape Provides Everyday Knee Support

Monday, 1 September 2014  |  Amy

KT Tape is a widely used and recommended sports prevention and recovery rehabilitation tool. Healthcare professionals have been recommending KT Tapes to their patients for years for sports injuries to the legs, knees, ankles/feet, trunk/back, neck/shoulders, and arms/hands.

KT Tape is a universal product which can be used on an array of areas, designed and created to be strong and durable.

How Does KT Tape Provide Support To Your Knee?

KT Tape can be used on the outer knee, inner knee, full knee, osgood schlatter, or back of the knee. The kneecap, or patella, could be moving incorrectly, and could be caused by a number of different injuries or issues.

KT Tapes used for knee pain can balance the muscles effect on the knee and relieve pressure on the kneecap and tendon.

How Does KT Tape Work On Your Knee?

KT Tape helps to promote common effective treatments for knee conditions such as hyperextension, arthritis, muscle imbalances, poor running form, misaligned hips or poor posture, poor nutrition, overtraining.

For conditions such as these, KT Tape aids increased circulation, provides support, reduces pressure, and maintains a range of motion.

Instructions for Using KT Tape for Knee Pain and Knee Support

For a Full Knee Support using KT Tape, you will need 3 strips of KT Tape or KT Tape Pro. It’s recommended applying KT Tape 1 hour before exercising, so make sure you leave time to apply for maximum effect.

To begin, place 1 half strip of KT Tape under the kneecap, approximately 80% stretched in the middle and 0% stretched at both left and right held ends.

Continue KT Taping with a second full strip, anchored about 10 inches above the kneecap. Apply the middle of the strip around the outer edge of the kneecap with approximately 25% stretch, smooth the KT Tape strip across the lower knee with 50% stretch, and finally fix in place the remaining 2 inches with 0% stretch lying over the first strip.

The final strip of KT Tape should be applied the same as the second but on the other side of the knee. All 3 strips of KT Tape should cross at the base of the kneecap. After application, rub vigorously to activate the adhesive.

Don’t just use KT Tape on one area of the body, other popular areas KT Tape is often used are Ankles, for Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles, Shin Splints, Hamstrings, the Calf, Wrist, and Groin.

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“I used this tape for plantar fasciitis & found it easy to apply. It has eased my problem & enabled me to continue exercising. I'm also pleased with excellent service from this site.”