Kneehab XP Rehabilitation Systems from Health and Care

Tuesday, 16 December 2014  |  Amy

A study on the effects of using Kneehab in a post ACL setting has been published in the June 2011 edition of the American Journal of Sports Medicine. The study, which may have a significant impact on patient outcomes, found that patients who utilise the Kneehab XP device to aid post-operative rehabilitation:

  • Achieve significantly better strength and functional results at each time point (6 weeks, 12 weeks and 6 months) in recovery.
  • Return to pre-operative knee extensor strength, and to strength of the uninvolved leg, within 12 weeks, attaining pre-operative shuttle run speed by week 6 – twice as fast as other groups in the study.
  • Return to work up to 7 days quicker (2.7 weeks vs 3.7 weeks) than patients who complete exercise rehabilitation alone.

Why Choose The Kneehab XP?

  • Easy to use - garment based (thigh wrap) ‘all-in-one’ product. Once it has been initially set up you just apply to the knee and start your treatment
  • Targeted Stimulation – specifically targets the inner part of the quadriceps (the vastus medialis) which assists in the stabilisation of the knee
  • Convenient – portable, making it ideal for use at home or at work. It can be used at a time that suits you and its design enables error-free, repeatable treatment
  • Comfortable – Multipath stimulation technology enables the most comfortable contractions to assist recovery
  • Clinically Proven – speeds up recovery and helps you return to normal daily activities faster.

Is The Kneehab XP Rehabilitation System Right for me?

The Kneehab XP Thigh Muscle and Knee Rehabilitation System works by re-educating and strengthening the quadriceps muscle through cycles of contraction and relaxation.

The Kneehab XP Thigh Muscle and Knee Rehabilitation System can be used to improve joint stability and treat quadriceps atrophy (thigh muscle wastage) resulting from a wide range of knee conditions including: Ligament injury, Dislocation, Fracture, Osteoarthritis, Stroke.

The Kneehab can assists in the following:

  • Muscle re-education & strengthening of the quadriceps.
  • Pre and post-surgical quadriceps strengthening and improved knee stability.
  • Maintainence or increase in the range of motion of the knee joint.
  • Prevention or deceleration of disuse atrophy in the quadriceps.
  • Increase local blood circulation to decrease swelling.