Kinesiology Tape from Health and

Friday, 29 August 2014  |  Paul

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a busy parent, or a part-time jogger you’ve probably experienced muscle aches and pains as a result of pushing yourself a bit too hard. Kinesiology Tape is designed to help alleviate the aches and pains caused by exercise and even prevent them. We have a wide range of Kinesiology Tape at Health and in a wide range of vibrant colours to suit your tastes.

Kinesiology Tape is also designed to increase mobility and enhance performance during exercise providing that extra push needed to go the extra mile.  In most cases Kinesiology Tape comes pre-cut and includes detailed instructions of how to correctly apply the tape for maximum effect.

As the profile of Kinesiology Tape has increased due to its use by a range of top-level athletes and sportsmen and women it has fast become one of our best selling items.

Here are some of our bestselling Kinesiology Tape products: