Keep Hands Warm With The Hotrox Hand Warmer

Wednesday, 5 November 2014  |  Sophie

With winter just around the corner, it is time to prepare for those bitter cold days! But all is not doom and gloom; there is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with a cup of hot cocoa. If cocoa isn't your cup of tea however, why not find another way to keep your hands warm this winter? I am really digging the HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer to keep my fingers free from frostbite. 

What is the HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer?

In a discreet and sleek black design, the HotRox Hand Warmer is a simple to use device to ensure your hands are protected from the cold. But don't stop at your hands, the HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer can also be used to keep the rest of your body warm! 

How Do I Use the HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer?

The HotRox Hand Warmer is fuss-free and easy to use. To charge the HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer up, simply plug the device into the mains. Once charged, the Hand Warmer is good to go. So whether you are going to work, going for a stroll or simply need some extra warmth on-the-go, the HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer is ideal for you. The HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer can also be charged via a USB port, which is extremely convenient as you can recharge the device on a PC, laptop or even in the car. There are two heat settings on the HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer; Medium and High, so you have the option to control the warmth of the HotRox Hand Warmer. When heat is not required, simply turn the Hand Warmer off by selecting the ‘off’ option. This ensures that the heat is retained in the HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer for on-demand use for a cycle of up to six hours. If the HotRox ‘runs out’ of heat, it only takes 2 hours to fully recharge the device electronically so you do not have to fuss around with fuel refills.

How Does the HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer Work?

The HotRox Hand Warmer contains a unique heatplate inside the device. When you require heat, simply switch the Hand Warmer on and the heatplate will warm up the HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer within 15 seconds. Through the use of a lithium battery, the HotRox Hand Warmer can be recharged up to 500 times and once charged, can retain the heat for weeks and weeks so you can always rely on the HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer to protect you from the cold. 

Why the HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer?

The HotRox Hand Warmer is a product that is recommended by the Raynauds Association, so the HotRox is suitable for those with Raynaud's phenomenon. By providing warmth to the hands, the HotRox reduces exposure to cold temperatures and keeps the blood supply flowing. The HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer takes only 15 seconds to heat up using the flick of a switch, so you can rely on the HotRox Hand Warmer to keep you toasty on a chilly winter’s day. Providing the user with up to six hours of heat on-the-go, the HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer is the silver lining on a cloudy winter’s day.