Joint Pain Relief With Thermedic 3 in 1 Therapy Systems

Friday, 19 April 2013  |  Paul

Everyone knows someone with aching or painful joints. Back pain is the most common problem but ankle,shoulder and knee pain, particularly as we get older, prevent many people fromdoing the things they want to in life. 

It is universally agreed that staying active is essential tohelp keep our joints fluid and healthy. So there is a nasty bit of irony with joint pain in that the painprevents us from doing the very thing (activity), which will help stave off thatpain! 

Thermedic is one of the best products to help people whowant to ease their joint pain in order to stay active. 

At first glance Thermedic looks like a joint support,however it is in a totally different category to your typical joint support. 

Unique to Thermedic is a new carbon fabric electric infraredelement.  Powered by the mains, Thermedicdelivers FAR infrared (that is the safe, warm energy you feel on your face onsunny) into the joint.

The infrared has two effects; one is a thermal effect wherethe heat helps to increase blood flow in the joint and surroundingtissues.  This relieves pain and helpswith healing.  

The second element is the energy itself.  Unlike a standard heat pad where heat isconducted, FAR infrared is what is called a resonant energy which hasnon-thermal benefits to help with healing and pain.  FAR infrared has been used for healing butproblems with old fashioned lamps meant that the use of infrared went out ofvogue. 

With a body of medical evidence showing that heat andinfrared help with pain and healing, Thermedic, with its innovative carbonfabric element, is a great product for anyone with joint pain to help them stayactive. 

Thermedic is easy to use and feels terrific.  Used twice a day, morning and night,Thermedic takes the edge of pain so that that people can get out and about andlive their lives. 

Thermedic is available in a range of models for differentjoints, the lower back, shoulder and knee are the best sellers.  

Each unit comes with a FAR infrared element, temperaturecontrol unit, joint support and a cold pack insert for acute pain.  For more details visit

Author: Julie LeGras, Steadfast Clinics