Jackloc - The Jack Of All Trades

Sunday, 28 April 2013  |  Paul

The newest addition to Health and Care is the JackLoc Window and Door Restrictor Cables.

The JackLoc really is the “Jack of all trades” when it comes to window and door security, these can be fixed to wood, steel, UPVC and aluminium; and can be applied to all types of door and window openings.

Ideal for use at home and in the office, Jackloc’s have also been fitted into schools, care homes, hospitals, nurseries as well as hotels such as The Ritz (well if it’s good enough for them?).

Available in 5 different finishes there’s a Jackloc to suit all types of interiors from shabby chic to modern minimalistic. Plain white, solid black, brass, chrome and dark brown for wooden frames. The Jackloc is a much more discreet and stylish way of protecting your home than the traditional old door chain (as well as being much more effective).

Known for their strength and durability Jackloc’s have been tested at length for their safety and security, and far exceed the requirements of both British and European safety standards. These key lockable cables are immovable once fixed in place, providing your home with security you can rely on.

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