Items You Need if You Have Limited Mobility

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

If your mobility has recently been impaired, it's often difficult to imagine how you'll be able to perform any of the tasks you were previously able to complete with ease. When you value your independence, getting help around the house or when you go outside can make you feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic.

At Health and Care, we sell a range of different products that allow you to get back to living. Take a look at these items so you don't have to rely on your friends or family for help.

Going to the Bathroom

When you sit on the throne, you're at your most vulnerable. Having someone help you perform this intimate act can cause a great deal of embarrassment. The Bio Bidet Supreme BB 1000 offers you an excellent solution, allowing you to use the bathroom and clean yourself afterwards by yourself.

With its numerous remote-controlled features, you'll never have to get anyone's help in the bathroom again. The Supreme BB 1000 has both a feminine and posterior wash to ensure you're thoroughly cleansed. Plus, its heated seat and drying abilities help you remain comfortable during and after use.

Using the Shower

Suffering from a back injury or struggling to reach behind you can cause a myriad of issues, including your ability to wash your back or feet. The Homecraft Long Handled Net Sponge helps you reach these difficult areas without causing pain or strain. Its scrunched-up net also helps exfoliate your skin, ensuring your back, neck and feet are cleaned thoroughly.

If you also have a hook in the bathroom, the Long Handled Net Sponge is ideal for you. Its handle has been designed with a loop, allowing it to be hung up. This helps the product dry properly and allows the sponge to be placed at a level that's within reach whenever necessary.

In the Kitchen

Suffering from arthritis or a weakened grip can make performing actions in the kitchen extremely difficult. The Canpull Tin Can Opener helps you open ring-pull cans with ease. The device also features a sodasnap so you can open the ring pulls on drink cans easily.

The Tin Can Opener offers you a safe alternative to using a knife to pry the can's ring free. All you need to do is hook the end under the ring of the can, gently fold forwards to pierce the can's top, then roll the opener back to swiftly remove it.

Moving Around the House

Although most grab bars require permanent alterations to your house or can only be used on particular walls, the Drive Medical Rotating Suction Cup Grab Bar uses suction cups to adhere to your walls without causing any damage. The support can also rotate to any angle, allowing you to choose between a straight or right-angled installation, or else any other configuration that helps you remain safe.

Designed with a red/green colour indicator, the Suction Cup Grab Bar shows when it's safe and secure or else when you need to re-affix the support. This helps you know instantly whether the bar is ready to use rather than having to test the support with your weight.

Getting Out

Suitable for everyday use, the Orthopaedic Handle Walking Stick is a durable and practical aid that helps you get back outside again. The support has a Fischer handle that is able to distribute pressure across the whole of your hand to prevent localised pain and discomfort. With its height-adjustable design between 80cm and 100cm, you can adjust the mobility aid according to your needs.

Although at first you might feel embarrassed that you have to use a walking stick, the Orthopaedic Walking Support's black, gold and marble-effect design will make you feel extremely stylish as you walk down the street. This aid is often purchased in pairs, allowing you to get double the support.

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