Isotoner Smartouch Touchscreen Gloves – A winter essential!

6 CommentsThursday, 15 November 2012  |  Paul

We’ve all been there. You’re out and about on a cold day and your touchscreen phone starts ringing in your pocket. You go to answer it but with your gloves on your phone does not recognise you’re trying to answer the call. Quickly you remove your glove to answer the phone but it has already stopped ringing! If only there was a glove you could use with your touchscreen phone? Well now there is.

The Isotoner Smartouch Touchscreen Gloves can be used with all the top brands of touchscreen phone and other touchscreen devices. The touch of your finger on the touchscreen phone or tablet reacts with tiny capacitors sitting below the surface of the screen. Each capacitor is charged with electricity and as you are in contact with the ground when using your phone the charge of electricity flows through you. The tiny capacitors know where your finger is when you’re touching the screen and request more electricity for that area.

So how do the Touchscreen Gloves work is hear you ask? Frustratingly normal gloves insulate your fingers which stop the electric charge and prevent the touchscreen phone from responding to your touch. The Isotoner Smartouch Touchscreen Gloves have a special material sewn into the index finger and thumb parts of the gloves on both hands. This material enables the electric charge to flow through the gloves at the index finger and thumb parts, making the touchscreen react with your finger.

Available in two universal sizes, one size for men and one for women, the touchscreen gloves have become a winter essential in our gadget filled world. Perfect for use with your iPhone, iPad and other touchscreen devices, these touchscreen gloves are available in black, pink, purple and striped. So no more missed calls or cold fingers from texting, get set for winter with the Isotoner Smartouch Touchscreen Gloves.