Is Sitting The New Standing?

Monday, 25 August 2014  |  James

As more and more people are now making a living while sitting at a desk for long periods of time, posture and alignment aliments are becoming more prominent within society.

Evidence is now emerging that sitting behind a desk for vast periods of time can have negative effects on people’s long term health. The negative effects are not only limited to one’s posture but also to the Cardiovascular system and heart. At Health and we have a perfect solution to help negate some of the potential side effects of being stationary for long periods of time.

The VARIDESK brand is the industry leader within the sit and stand posture desk industry. Their range at Health and includes three different models all of which will help boost the user’s energy, health and productivity.

The beauty of the VARIDESK is that it allows the user to manoeuvre seamlessly between a conventional sitting desk to a modern and stylish standing desk. Unlike other manoeuvrable desks the VARIDESK features a patent pending mechanism which allows for the position to be changed with minimal fuss or strength.

Leading research bodies such as the Mayo clinic have identified the potential Health benefits of moving to a modern standing desk and large corporations such as Apple and Google have begun to gravitate towards such products. (1) Studies have shown that standing up for part of the workday can increase your calorie burn and thus raise your energy levels, metabolism, and productivity.

The VARIDESK Sit Stand Single Desk is a single monitor sit and stand posture desk. Like all of the VARIDESK range is combines incredibly effective mechanics with a stylish finish. All of the VARIDESK range are easy to assemble and can be upright and operational in approximately five minutes. The VARIDESK Sit Stand Single Desk is enough to station one conventional computer monitor with a work surface that measures 30” wide x 20” deep.

The VARIDESK Sit Stand Single Desk allows you to change your work position throughout the day by simply raising the VARIDESK using the convenient handles on either side. Once standing, you can use your computer as normal and simply reverse the process to return to a seated position.

Within the VARIDESK range you can also purchase a solution if you require a duel monitor setup. The VARIDESK Sit Stand Pro Desk and the VARIDESK Sit Stand Pro Plus Desk both accommodate two monitors and the VARIDESK Sit Stand Pro Plus Desk also includes a lifting keyboard tray.

The whole of the VARIDESK range can be found below: