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Invacare: Innovation, Value, Care

Friday, 7 August 2015  |  John

Invacare specialises in both home and long-term care products which promote recovery and mobility. Founded in 1885 and headquartered in Ohio, USA with a UK base in southern Wales, Invacare operates on the ideas of Innovation, Value and Care.

Home or Away

Invacare makes two kinds of products; for home care use and for long-term care. It’s vitally important that people are able to be active in their home and in their community, regardless of their disabilities. 

Because of this, Invacare creates products like wheelchair cushions to ensure that people who are wheelchair bound are able to go outside for long periods without feeling uncomfortable or sore.

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However, Invacare also knows that people in long-term care also need help to ensure that they can have a good quality of life. To meet this need, they have created several products to help make life for those in long term care better – for example, they have developed several pressure relief pads to reduce the risk of painful pressure ulcers developing.

A Tagline With Meaning

Invacare’s tagline, “Yes, you can” is not an empty promise. It says exactly what Invacare wants to do; help people both at home and in long-term care achieve what they want and more than they ever thought they could.

The Highest Quality

Because it’s so important they their products work as they should, Invacare is completely standards-compliant. To do this they work with Bureau Veritas, one of the world’s leading auditing services, to check each and every product so that they are all up to scratch. All Invacare products are CE marked and operate to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. 

But they don’t just start at meeting standards. Invacare’s experts work with the British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA) and the International Standards Organisation (ISO) to develop and drive standards, ensuring that the regulations and standardisations continue to hold up to modern needs and demands.

A Worldwide Vision

Invacare’s vision doesn’t just stop at the UK and the USA’s borders. They are dedicated to providing their top-quality products to as many people as possible. With over 5,000 associates working in over 80 countries, Invacare is spreading its vision and its goals to everywhere possible to deliver the best healthcare products possible.

If you’re interested in finding great healthcare products at affordable prices, please take a look at our available Invacare Products.