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Inspired to get back into sport? We look at the best sport supports & braces to get you moving

Tuesday, 14 August 2012  |  Paul

Key product: Bauerfeind EpiPoint Tennis Elbow Support 

Team GB made their country proud with their amazing total of 65 medals including 29 gold. It is not surprising then that people of all ages and abilities have been inspired to get back into sport or take up sport for the first time. Many may not have been aware of the wide range of sports available to them while some may have been reluctant to take part due to an old niggling injury. Whatever the reason, we have a great range of sport supports and braces to give you the confidence to get back out there and get fit.

One of the most common sport complaints is a knee injury. Many sports exert an enormous amount of strain on the knee including tennis, football and skiing. Knee injuries range from mild strains and bruising to severe ligament damage. Luckily there is a knee brace or support designed for almost every knee injury and knee condition including ACL damage, knee instability, arthritis, osteoarthritis and patella tracking problems. The Donjoy Drytex Playmaker Knee Brace is the ideal knee brace for sport and is suitable for mild ligament instabilities. This knee support has been designed with the amateur sports player in mind, making it the perfect choice of knee support for those who may be a bit rusty in their favourite sport.

If you have suffered a serious ACL knee injury you may be wondering how you can ever get back into playing sport. The Donjoy Armor Professional Knee Brace with Fourcepoint has been designed specifically to protect the ACL and prevent hyperextension injuries. The knee brace of choice for skiers, the Donjoy Armor is an excellent hinged knee brace suitable for a range of high impact sports. It is strong and lightweight and with its anatomically shaped frame, the Donjoy Armor with Fourcepoint Knee Brace is one of the best off-the-shelf functional knee braces on the market.

The ankle meanwhile is possibly one of the easiest parts of the body to injure whilst playing sport. The twists and turns of sports like football and tennis can cause immense stress and strain on the ankle joint. A weak ankle can result in a loss of confidence for a sportsman so it is important to find an ankle support that provides reassurance to the wearer. The Aircast A60 Ankle Support is worn by none other than Olympic tennis champion Andy Murray. Andy Murray wears the Aircast A60 Ankle Support on both of his ankles during his matches. The A60 Ankle Brace has been designed with the athlete in mind. The unique design of the brace incorporates a sleek stabiliser on either side of the support and the lightweight anatomical design fits easily into trainers and sport shoes without being bulky. The Aircast A60 Ankle Support protects the ankle from rollover and guards against sprains and strains.

Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are incredibly common injuries but there are many supports available to help treat this painful condition. The medical term for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis or lateral epicondylagia and is it also known as lateral elbow pain. Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow is an overuse injury and the pain occurs when the arm is fully extended. The symptom of tennis elbow is when the outer part of the elbow becomes tender and sore. The Tennis Elbow Epicondylitis Support is designed to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by tennis and golfer’s elbow. Its secure fit reduces distal migration during activity.  The Tennis Elbow Strap is made from strong cotton webbing and is easily adjusted to ease pain. The Bauerfeind Epi Point Tennis Elbow Support is a professional epicondylitis support and helps to relieve tendon pain. A special red warning section on the support indicates if the arm strap has been pulled to tightly.